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6 Mesmerizing Facts About The Mad Tea Party Ride At Magic Kingdom

Tea Cups

The Mad Tea Party ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a classic attraction that people of all ages enjoy. It is commonly referred to as the teacups. Read below 10 mesmerizing facts about the Mad Tea Party. 6. Original Attraction: The Mad Tea Party is one of the original attractions at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It originally opened in 1971 and ...

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10 Reasons Why We Love Magic Kingdom Its a Small World

Its A Small World

Its a Small World is one of the most iconic and beloved Disney attractions of all time. It is truly unique to Disney in so many ways. The following are my top ten reasons why we love It’s a Small World. 10. Its a boat attraction Some of my favorite Walt Disney World attractions involve being in a boat. This ...

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10 Experiences Disney Veterans Love at Epcot


When Walt Disney first presented his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, he envisioned a working city utopia where people could live, work and play without ever having to leave. Mr. Disney died before the opening of Magic Kingdom and without his guidance, the company elected not to make attempts at running an actual city. EPCOT was put on hold and ...

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Do You Know About These 5 Fabulous Walt Disney World Resort Experiences?


Walt Disney World is known for the amazing experiences it offers guests from all over the world. There are, however, a few experiences that aren’t well known, but deliver smiles from ear to ear. Here are 5 fabulous Walt Disney World experiences that most people don’t know about. 5. Nighttime Safari Ride The Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of the ...

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10 Experiences Disney Veterans Adore at the Magic Kingdom

Disney Castle

Growing up, the Magic Kingdom has always been the most joyous and celebratory place on Earth. Even as I have grown older, I still believe that the Magic Kingdom is timeless and beyond comparison. Here are my top 10 Experiences that Disney Veterans Adore at the Magic Kingdom! 1. The Rope Drop For people who aren’t too fond of mornings, ...

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Do You Know These 10 Things About Visiting the Magic Kingdom?

Magic Kingdom

Tackling any one of the theme parks at Walt Disney World can be an overwhelming experience. This is especially true of the Magic Kingdom because a combination of things. Here are the ten things that you need to know about visiting the Magic Kingdom! 10 – Busiest Park…in the World – since its opening in 1971, the Magic Kingdom quickly ...

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Have You Been On These Top 10 Most Sensational Rides at Walt Disney World?

Ride with the castle

With so many amazing rides, narrowing a list down to the top ten at Walt Disney World was no easy task. Before jumping into the following list, of the top ten most sensational rides, here’s some honorable mentions that just barely missed the cut: it’s a small world, Peter Pan’s Flight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Expedition Everest, and Rock n’ ...

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Do You Know These 10 Secrets About Hollywood Studios?

hollywood studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened in 1989 as the third theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort. This is where the magic of movies and television come to life, themed around the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood Age. Like all Disney theme parks, Hollywood Studios is full of secrets cleverly integrated into the park. Here are 10 secrets you ...

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