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Who’s On Deck? Disney Fans Debate Which Ride Will Close After Splash Mountain

Which Disney Ride is Closing Next?

Now that Walt Disney Imagineering has dove straight into the transformation of Disney’s Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom Park, Disney fans are left turning away from the remains of Chik-a-pin Hill and asking, what’s next? Posing the question to the Walt Disney World Subreddit, one fan asked “What Disney attraction do you guys think is next on the chopping block?” ...

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Disney’s Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Gets Official Marvel Re-Theme

Avengers Campus

It has been over two years since Steve Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith left the studio, and now it appears that the Avengers will be finally coming in for their session. After years of rocking out, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith at Walt Disney Studios Park will be rethemed and integrated into Disney’s latest Avengers Campus as “Avengers ...

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8 Hidden Gems At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios

Like in all the parks, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is full of all sorts of hidden gems that are easy to dash past on your way to the Tower of Terror or Toy Story Mania. As with everything Disney does, there’s so much more to see and do than just the main attractions – in no particular order here’s a few ...

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10 Things We Love To Hear At Disney

Cinderella's Castle

The rides and attractions at Walt Disney World are brilliantly and intricately woven masterpieces, all with a story that fully engages its audience. The perfect lighting, the captivating architecture and the memorable music brings whatever tale they are sharing to life, submerging us in the wonder of it all. We’ll exit a ride and talk about the life-like animatronics with ...

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Hollywood Studios 101 – A Complete Rundown of Rides

Hollywood Studios 101

Hooray for Hollywood! What connection does Walt Disney have with Hollywood Studios. Well, in 1923 Walter Elias Disney left his home in Kansas City, Missouri for Hollywood, where he and his brother, Roy began their collaboration for animated and live action films. The first “Alice Comedy” short was produced in the in the rear of a Hollywood real estate office, ...

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