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With No Fanfare, DeSantis Signs Two Bills That Allow Disney To Hire Kids for Dangerous Jobs

Mickey Mouse Disneyland Castle

When politicians sign a bill, they want everyone to know about it. They will hold grand bill-signing ceremonies with dignitaries and hand out pens to everyone who helped pass the bill. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is no different. Two weeks ago, when DeSantis signed a bill promoting harsher penalties for shoplifting, he did it at a local Walgreens, surrounded by ...

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Transgender Evil Queen Takes Over Disney World

Snow White Apple

During its feud with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the most common barb thrown at the Walt Disney Company was that it had “gone woke.” The Florida Governor even went so far as to accuse the Walt Disney Company of “grooming” and “sexualizing” children. In 2022, Disney faced even more backlash when it removed gender requirements for characters at the Walt ...

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Banks and DeSantis Team up So You Pay More Every Time You Use Your Credit Card at Disney World

Disney Castle Money

Florida saw a pretty big battle this legislative session that went unnoticed. It did not produce a controversial law, but it could affect everyone planning a future trip to the Walt Disney World Resort. The Florida Legislature was considering a law that would have allowed credit card companies to continue charging higher fees to vendors every time a customer charges ...

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Disney Accused of Destroying a Small Business, Allegedly Stiffing It For $48 Million and Making Sexist Remarks About Its Owner

Treehouse Villas at Disneys Saratoga Springs

Last year, when the Walt Disney Company was embroiled in its battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the company commissioned a report to remind Central Florida just how valuable Walt Disney World was to the state. The study estimated that Disney World’s value to the state was $40.3 billion in 2022, a massive amount for the state. Of course, Disney ...

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Update: Disney Exposes Homeless Employees to DeSantis’ New Illegal Policy, Reports Weigh In

Walt Disney World

Lots of controversy has surrounded Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ new homeless bill, which essentially now bans homeless Floridians from sleeping on the streets or in an undesignated area. The discussion around the bill has now pulled in Disney, as cast members who reportedly sleep in their car, and there are many, will also be affected. New Homeless Ban in Florida ...

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Ron DeSantis Bans Certain Disney Cast Members From Public Spaces

Ron DeSantis Disney Cast Member Homeless Ban

One of the most recognizable names in the Republican Party today might be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The controversial governor has repeatedly found himself in the spotlight since he began fighting with one of the most powerful companies in his state — The Walt Disney Company. The two-year-long fight has led to questionable new laws, multiple lawsuits from both Disney ...

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“We Will Not Return” Guest Shares “Ludicrous” Reasons for a Disney Trip That Fell Short

Walt Disney Statue

On the heels of a Neo-Nazi demonstration right outside Walt Disney World and radio silence from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis after the protesters represented his name, it’s a wonder how the rest of the world views America’s hot-blooded politics. With divisiveness characterizing American culture and tensions mounting in the Most Magical Place on Earth, Walt Disney World is garnering unwanted ...

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Walt Disney’s Granddaughter Responds to Nazi Protest at Walt Disney World

Abigail Disney

Instead of Disney characters with balloons and friendly waves, families witnessed a gaggle of white supremacists waving Nazi flags and megaphones on Saturday at the intersection of Hotel Plaza Boulevard and Apopka Vineland Road. In a news-breaking scene marked by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s banners, the country saw a stark contrast between the “Most Magical Place on Earth” sign behind ...

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DeSantis Fans Can’t Seem to Quit “Woke” Disney

DeSantis fight with Disney

As the culture war feud between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company wages on, something else is starting to become clear. Social media is constantly showcasing angry people who are upset over live-action Ariel’s race or the fact that Disney participates in Pride month. These voices scream for the mouse’s demise, telling each other to stop giving ...

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Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor-Greene Co-Sponsor Legislation Against “Woke” Disney

Marjorie Taylor-Green and Lauren Boebert

The GOP is at it again with anti-Disney antics, but it’s not necessarily Florida Governor Ron DeSantis behind it this time. According to LA Times, a new House Bill with six GOP co-sponsors aims to remove a protective measure over Disney’s property. Related: Disney has Special Protection on Mickey Mouse — Lawmakers Want it Gone Introduced by Rep. Troy Nehls, ...

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