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“Shang-Chi” Actor Simu Liu Endured Intense Stretch Training For His Role

As anyone who’s ever seen a Marvel Studios film can tell you, Marvel’s action heroes are meant to be lean, lithe, muscular, lightweight, agile, and quick on their feet–all at the same time. It’s certainly not easy to maintain the right ‘look’ for the role while also building up the stamina to get through hours of intensive stuntwork (and certain ...

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Simu Liu Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Stunt Footage From Shang-Chi

As the Marvel movie Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings continues to impress in theaters, the movie’s star actor Simu Liu posted a video showing the work that goes into the incredible action sequences of the film. This particularly impressive bus stunt includes running across the top of a bus, leaping off of it, and catching onto the side of ...

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Shang-Chi’s Michelle Yeoh Reveals Her Techniques for Staying Sharp and Aging Gracefully

The new Marvel Studios movie “Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings” has a standout member within its cast: Michelle Yeoh. Yeoh has been lauded for her acting abilities, her captivating onscreen presence, and her combat skills many times–but she’s also been praised for her natural beauty and a youthfulness that started the hashtag #MichelleYeohGlow! Part of Yeoh’s lasting physical agility ...

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The Legend in Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings Is Not What You Expect

There is a legend that permeates the new Marvel movie “Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings“, but that legend is not the one that moviegoers should pay attention to: instead, it’s Michelle Yeoh. This cinematic powerhouse and martial arts icon has been leading and performing incredible combat stunts for decades, alongside the likes of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun-Fat, ...

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