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Critics Speak Out in Defense of Snow White

disney princess hate

After the recent controversy surrounding Rachel Zegler, one voice has come out in defense of the classic and older Disney princesses. Actress Rachel Zegler has been at the center of an internet hate storm recently, when allegedly disparaging comments that she made about the Disney princess Snow White resurfaced online. The actress has drawn people’s ire for being “entitled” and ...

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Aurora vs Snow White: Fans Pit Disney Princesses Against Each Other

disney princesses

The Disney princesses are all about being brave and kind — and, if possible, wearing some cute outfits along the way — but Disney fans are sometimes lacking when it comes to exhibiting their favorite characters’ characteristics in their own lives. Now, Disney fans have begun to pit two Disney princess actresses against one another: seasoned Hollywood veteran Elle Fanning, ...

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Fans Spot “Throwback” Disney Princess References in New ‘Wish’ Footage

aurora and snow white stare at asha

The new animated movie from Disney called Wish is coming closer and closer to theaters, and hardcore Disney fans’ excitement is rising as the movie’s Disney princess ‘Easter eggs’ become more prevalent! According to Variety, Frozen writer (and now Wish writer) Jennifer Lee revealed at the Annecy International Animation Festival that the new movie “was very much designed to mark and celebrate Disney’s centenary, threading references ...

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Disney Adult Takes Aurora Fandom to Another Level

aurora gapes at odettecrystal the cosplayer

It can be challenging to portray a Disney princess and express one’s love for Disney without being accused of violating Disney dress codes (if you’re visiting the Disney Parks, that is) and without feeling like a cookie-cutter copy of other Disney fans after buying a run-of-the-mill Disney princess costume for Halloween. However, sometimes a Disney Adult or Disney princess enthusiast ...

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The Major Differences Between Walt Disney World & Disneyland Resorts

Disney comparisons

The United States of America is home to the two most famous Disney Parks in the world—the two that epitomize what it truly means to be a Disney Theme Park and Resort destination. We are, of course, referring to the one and only legendary Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, and that iconic marvel we know and love as Walt Disney ...

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Disney Princess Cries During Sweet Sendoff

aurora sleeping beauty cast member

Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members and Disneyland Resort Cast Members have a tough job, trying to stay in character as classic Disney characters and beloved Disney princesses no matter what — but sometimes Cast Members do get the appreciation that they deserve! A Cast Member who worked full-time as a face character performer, specifically as an actress portraying the ...

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Who’s the ‘Fairy’est of Them All? A Look at Disney Fairies


When we think of Disney Fairies, our thoughts tend to fly automatically to Tinker Bell. Originally a supporting pixie-dust yielding character who made her debut appearance in Disney’s 1953 animated classic Peter Pan, Tinker Bell’s popularity has grown increasingly independent of her former claim to fame over the years. Now she, along with a whole new line of spinoff fairy ...

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Wealthy Disney Characters Valued Well Beyond Their Net Worth

Scrooge McDuck

Walt Disney Entertainment has produced a wealth of characters throughout the years, many of whom have actively produced their very own wealth on screen. And while many of us may admittedly feel compelled to evaluate portrayals of rich folk with more objectionability than we would the meeker underdogs we love for what they lack (and make up for), Disney somehow ...

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The Notable Dolittles of Disney

Aurora with animals

Throughout the extensive history of Walt Disney Entertainment, we’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to multiple different kinds of talking animals. While some speaking creatures are able to converse due to having exceptional capabilities of their own, other animals remain within their normalized critter standards but find their voices, nevertheless, through onscreen interactions with some rather unique human companions. ...

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OpEd: ‘Turning Red’ Echoes Familiar Disney/Pixar Transformation Trends We’ve Seen Before

Turning Red

People have praised the latest Disney-Pixar animated feature film, Turning Red (2022), for its originality and unique deliverance of a one-of-a-kind storyline. I agree that there are several novel aspects at work within the film, many of which we’ve yet to see play out in prior works of animation from Walt Disney Entertainment. One example is the way adolescence is ...

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