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“Pure Poison,” Rachel Zegler Attempts To Take Down Disney

Rachel Zegler with Snow White Background behind her

Actress Rachel Zegler has made some waves in her short career, but there’s no doubt she’s still pegged for many more roles in the future. Rachel Zegler’s journey into the spotlight began when she was cast as Maria Vasquez in West Side Story (2021), directed by Steven Spielberg. Zegler, a relatively unknown actress at the time, impressed audiences and critics ...

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Rachel Zegler Breaks Silence, Addresses ‘Snow White’ Film

Snow White and Rachel Zegler

Rachel Zelger is taking on the world with one comment after another. Rachel Zegler is a new face to acting, Zegler is an actress and singer who gained attention for her casting in the lead role of Maria Vasquez in Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of West Side Story (2021). She initially gained notice for posting covers of songs on social ...

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‘Snow White’ Remake May Be Most Expensive Movie Ever Made

'Snow White' needs a huge payday just to break even

This list of Hollywood’s most expensive movies is typically willed with significant franchise sequels or finales. Not so much with live-action remakes. Big blockbusters such as Avengers: End Game, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avatar: The Way of Water, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides are at the top. All of these movies cost $350 million or more. ...

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Rachel Zegler and Disney Have Competition via Conservative ‘Snow White’ Film Announcement

Snow White and the Evil Queen

The entertainment world is no stranger to controversy. One recent Disney debacle has been a poisoned apple for the company over several months. Disney’s forthcoming live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, featuring Rachel Zegler as the iconic princess, has been lit with controversy. However, the real surprise comes from a new contender in the streaming industry, The ...

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More Misfortune Strikes ‘Snow White’ Actress Rachel Zegler, Reportedly Recast in Film: “We Won”

disney snow white rachel zegler

As if Disney’s Snow White actress Rachel Zegler did not have enough on her plate after the backlash she faced for her comments about the Disney live-action remake, she has been replaced and recast in another movie. Disney’s live-action remakes are controversial all by themselves. Fans have been frustrated with the Mouse House for a long time now for a variety ...

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‘Snow White’ Director Reportedly Joins Anti-Rachel Zegler Team

snow white rachel zegler

These days, it seems like the upcoming Snow White film and the actress playing the main character are almost as controversial as the destruction of the Splash Mountain ride. Disney fans have become shockingly divided over the casting of Rachel Zegler as Snow White, the progressive updates to the Disney Princess film’s plot, and the new characterizations of Snow White’s famous seven ...

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Did Disney Cancel the Upcoming ‘Snow White’ Movie with Rachel Zegler?

snow white rachel zegler canceled

For weeks now, people have been theorizing if Disney has officially pulled the plug on the controversial ‘Snow White’ movie; now, one article seemingly confirms this. We at Disney Fanatic jumped in to fact-check. The live-action remakes from the Walt Disney Company have been more than controversial. There has been notable backlash against Disney’s casting of Halle Bailey and Yara ...

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Angry Fans Place Snow White’s Future on ‘Barbie’ Director’s Shoulders

snow white greta gerwig

There might just be a savior waiting in the wings for the much-maligned upcoming Snow White film — and that savior just wrapped up a little film known as Barbie! The new 2023 summer film called Barbie has become a cultural phenomenon, and director Greta Gerwig is the woman being credited with a great deal of the film’s success (although potential Pirates star Margot ...

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Disney Tries to Appease ‘Snow White’ Fans with New Product

snow white

The new Snow White movie (which stars songbird and West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler) has been placed against a surprisingly tall stack of obstacles months before its 2024 premiere. Whether they have been complaints due to the new version of Snow White’s seven dwarfs, complaints due to the new movie’s updated ideas of feminism, or complaints about Rachel Zegler ...

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‘In Defense of Disney Princesses’ Musical Praises Classic Princesses and Goes Viral

disney princesses

These days, the modern Disney Princesses seem to be all the rage — but how is that supposed to make classic Disney heroines like Cinderella feel? Disney Princesses get to examine that question in an original song and musical number from Pixel Playhouse! In the song (shown below), Disney Princesses like Ariel, Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, Mulan, and Tiana all unite ...

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