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Disney Guests Left Stranded Mid-Air on Popular Park Attraction


Disclaimer: if you’re already afraid of heights, this story might unlock a new fear. Ride breakdowns happen. While they can put a damper on a highly-anticipated Genie+ reservation and slow down the queues for other Guests, even well-oiled machines need tune-ups. But certain rides are better than others regarding spots to get stuck. A Big Thunder Mountain Railroad stop to ...

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Guests Spot Disturbing New Hazard On Popular Disney Ride


Theme parks are meant to be associated with fun, whimsy, excitement, magic (especially Disney magic), and indulgence — but theme parks also often involve safety hazards like roller coasters or thrill rides, and one fan-favorite attraction in Disneyland just gave some of its passengers a real fright! Seatbelts or lap bars are often used on roller coasters, with the more ...

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Here’s How You Can Go to the Real-Life Destinations That Inspired Disney

The Norway Tour offered through Adventures By Disney

Did you know that many of the iconic places portrayed in Disney film, along with a number of notable attributes within Disney Parks, were actually inspired by real-life locations from all around the world? What’s even better is that you can visit many of these destinations personally, via some of the great tour packages offered through Adventures By Disney. From ...

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8 Things You Need to Know About Soarin’


Soarin’ is the one attraction at Walt Disney World that consistently has wait times approaching triple digits. It has been down for refurbishment since January and is set to open next week as a transformed attraction – here are the eight things that you need to know! 8 – Additional Theatre – the main reason for Soarin’ being down was ...

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15 Reasons Your Family Will LOVE Epcot

Epcot used to be known as an adult park while Magic Kingdom was more geared towards kids. With more attractions and experiences added since the park’s opening in 1982, Disney has made Epcot a park the entire family can enjoy. Not convinced? Here are 15 reasons why you and your family will love this park. 15. Never Too Old To ...

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14 Things You’ll Love Doing at Walt Disney World on Rainy Days

rain at Disney World

On a vacation with so many fun attractions and rides, your schedule might become a bit overwhelming. When you see rain outside your room window, get excited instead of depressed! A rainy day gives you the perfect chance to adopt a slower, more relaxing–and surprisingly liberating–pace. Here are fourteen attractions and pastimes to help you embrace your rainy day! 14) ...

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The Ultimate Epcot Checklist – 12 Things You Must Do

What’s great about Epcot is that it’s two parks squeezed into one. There’s Future World that shows off technology and World Showcase that displays different cultures from around the world. It’s both an educational and fun experience. With such a large area there are many things to explore, but these 12 are absolutely essential. 12. Club Cool First-time visitors to ...

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