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Disney+ Project Canceled, Despite Already Being Filmed

Disney Cancels Spiderwick Chronicles

In early August, The Walt Disney Company held its third-quarter earnings call. During the call, the company was forced to address the constant headache that is Disney+. Disney+ launched in 2019, just months before the pandemic hit. The streamer quickly gained tens of millions of subscribers, but things went downhill quickly. Every quarter, Disney+ loses millions of subscribers and hundreds ...

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Disney’s ‘Spiderwick Chronicles’ Adaptation Gets a Marvel Director

Remakes and reboots abound as Disney continues to bring back previous movies or shows, and the next upcoming remake involves the popular children’s book series The Spiderwick Chronicles. The books (which were written by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black) have already had a well-received movie adaptation in the form of a 2008 film starring English actor Freddie Highmore as the ...

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