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Disney Fanatic’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle: Steamboat Willie Scene

DF Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Steamboat Willie Scene

Calling all Disney Fanatics! Welcome to a Disney-inspired jigsaw puzzle experience. Whether you’re standing in line at the Disney parks or taking a moment at the office to enjoy a little break… we hope you enjoy a dose of Disney gaming with our jigsaw puzzles! Quick tip – want to make the puzzle easier or more challenging? Feel free to ...

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The Demise of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Is at Hand, But Only True Disney Fans Understand the Depth of Such a Loss

Steamboat Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney’s Steamboat Willie is soon to set sail one final time, and the journey will be a one-way trip. But his destination is still unknown, as copyright protection law is a many-splendored thing. And while some think of the loss of Steamboat Willie as nominal, true Disney fans understand how great a loss it actually is. Related:Fans Celebrate Mickey ...

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They Were ‘The Next Disney’ But Instead They’re Paying the Largest Fine of Its Kind

It was the next Disney but now its paying millions in fines

What new company wouldn’t want to look into the future and see itself as the next Walt Disney Company? After all, Disney has weathered 100 years of changes in entertainment and consumer focus to remain one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. But like all companies, Disney has a humble origin story with Walt and his brother, Roy, ...

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Disney to Debut 28 Restored Classic Shorts Including Donald Duck’s ‘Chips Ahoy’

Chips Ahoy Donald Duck

Long before the nearly billion-dollar budget box office films, fans were enamored with Walt Disney Animation Studios’ classic shorts. Even young Disney fans can recognize Mickey Mouse whistling the tune “Steamboat Bill” from the symbolic Disney short from 1928: Steamboat Willie. Many of Disney’s classic animated characters were introduced in Walt Disney Animation shorts, and with “Disney 100” in full ...

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Hidden Facts and Secret Finds Showcased in Walt Disney Presents at Hollywood Studios

Cover for Walt Disney Presents

Guests come out to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a number of reasons. The “newness” of Toy Story Land continues to draw folks to this particular section of the Park, then, of course, there’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway has also become a new must-do experience in recent years. And let’s not forget about all those other ...

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Disney has Special Protection on Mickey Mouse — Lawmakers Want it Gone

Mickey Mouse Copyright

It appears that The Walt Disney Company’s special privileges go beyond the Reedy Creek Improvement District in Central Florida. They expand beyond the Sunshine State to the federal level–and involve the Mouse that started it all. Under normal circumstances, the law states that copyright for created works will expire after a certain period of time and then enter the public ...

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Contractors Save Rare 1930s Mickey Mouse Toy From Landfill

Mickey Mouse

While many Disney fans would surely have a hard time parting ways with collectible Mickey Mouse merchandise, not everyone feels the same way. And in the case of a recent garbage pickup by contractors in Monmouthshire county in Wales, one person’s trash will indeed become a treasure for others when a rare Mickey Mouse toy is cleaned up and displayed ...

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Disney’s Movie Shorts To Celebrate Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday

Which Mickey Mouse Are You?

Happy Birthday to the larger-than-life Mouse! That’s right, we’re celebrating Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday. Mickey Mouse made his debut, Nov. 18, 1928 in the animated short Steamboat Willie at the Colony Theater in New York City. Make sure to celebrate with Mickey in style, don those ears and watch as our favorite Mouse started his career! WATCH: Mickey Mouse in ...

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