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Disney Board Member Warns Openly Gay Characters Are “Too Polarizing”

Disney gay characters

The Walt Disney Company has been dealt a reputation that it caters to “woke” ideologies and pushes an agenda on children. While the studio has included LGBTQ+ characters in some films, it only ever truly put one at the forefront in Strange World (2022). Behind closed doors, a prominent Disney voice has reportedly warned to keep these characters seen and ...

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Florida Teacher Moves on After ‘Strange World’ Controversy, Announces Children’s Book

disney strange world jenna barbee

Earlier this year, Disney fans and movie enthusiasts united in defense of a Florida-based teacher who was investigated for “indoctrination” and attacked after showing the Disney movie Strange World in her fifth-grade classroom. Jenna Barbee was teaching in Brooksville, Florida (within the Hernando County School District) when she decided to show the new animated film (which features a same-sex romance and ...

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‘A Disney Movie is Not Brainwashing Us.’ Hundreds Speak Out Over Florida Disney Movie Controversy

Hundreds speak out over Florida Disney movie controversy

Around the country, there is a massive teacher shortage. Classrooms are going unfilled or being manned by personnel that is not qualified to teach that particular subject. That situation in the Hernando County School District in Florida just worsened. Hernando County School District came to national attention two weeks ago when the Florida State Department of Education informed fifth-grade teacher ...

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‘I Was Never Trying to Indoctrinate My Students.’ Teacher at Center of Florida/Disney Fight Resigns

Hundreds speak out over Florida Disney movie controversy

If you’ve ever been in a classroom after a state-wide test, you know that the kids have nothing left to give. They have been sitting at their desks trying to focus on these tests and give their best effort. That’s precisely what happened in Jenna Barbee’s fifth-grade classroom in Brooksville, Florida. So, Barbee decided to give her students a break ...

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Florida Teacher Being Investigated for Allegedly Showing Students a Disney Film

Florida teacher being investigated for allegedly showing students a Disney film

No, this is not a headline from The Onion. This is something that is happening. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis became his crusade against all things “woke,” and part of that crusade was ensuring that teachers and schools were not “indoctrinating” or “grooming” children. Part of DeSantis’ “anti-woke” crusade was signing into law Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which has now ...

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“Woke Isn’t a Money-Making Position”; Experts Blame Disney Movies’ Huge Failures on Same-Sex Romances

strange world and lightyear

The phrase “woke Disney” is certainly a controversial term in and of itself — as is the word “woke,” for that matter — but apparently industry experts and film critics are laying the blame for Disney’s recent (and very, very expensive) financial losses directly on the doorstep of Disney’s inclusivity efforts! Disney’s audiences have actually been openly asking for new ...

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Despite All the “Flops,” Disney Ends 2022 #1 at the Box Office

Disney Box Office 2022

For nearly the entirety of 2022, Walt Disney Studios was plagued with Box Office issues. From the now-fired Kareem Daniel making a last-minute decision as head of distribution to boot Pixar’s Turning Red from theaters to Strange World becoming one of the worst bombs in Disney Animation history and Lightyear getting banned from several countries. Still, despite the woes, Disney still found itself as ...

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If It Flops In Theaters But Soars When Streaming, Is It A “Good” Movie? No, It Is Not.

Strange World Bad Movie

Let’s stop kidding ourselves. If it fails in theaters, it fails as a movie. Disney’s latest animated feature film Strange World was a box-office disaster–the reasons for which have been highly debated–, but it is now the #1 most popular movie offering on the Mouse House’s flagship streaming service, Disney+.   This same phenomenon was seen with Disney’s Encanto in early 2022, ...

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Disney Fighting with TV Groups to Prioritize Streaming Windows

Disney Movies TV

Once upon a time, a new movie’s distribution course was steady and clear. The movie theaters got exclusive rights for several months to a year, and then fans would be able to see it on TV and on VHS, DVD, then Blu-Ray. But ever since 2019, that has all begun to change rapidly, and what was first able to be ...

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Fans Criticize Disney’s “Boring” Animated Movies


Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort fans have found plenty of fodder for complaints in recent months from within Disney Parks like the Magic Kingdom theme park or Animal Kingdom theme park — but apparently, Disney enthusiasts are disgruntled when it comes to the Disney streaming service that can be found within their own homes, too! The new animated ...

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