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Disney Fans Break the Internet with Comical ‘Moana’ Memes

moana memes

Move over, Ralph — these¬†Moana¬†memes and hilarious observations are what’s really breaking the Internet! Moana¬†Meets Memes The animated Disney film about a Polynesian princess named Moana (voiced by this Hawaiian starlet) and a feisty demigod named Maui (played by Disney darling Dwayne Johnson) has been the talk of the town lately due to the upcoming live-action adaptation of the 2016 ...

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Imagineers Share Unique Glimpse of Te Fiti and ‘Moana’ Attraction


The Walt Disney Imagineers from the Disney team known as Walt Disney Imagineering are known for using innovation and creativity to design the roller coasters, attractions, and rides that populate Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. There have been many new releases on the docket from the Walt Disney Imagineers lately (and some that have not yet been released, ...

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Fans Mock Disney World For Suggestive ‘Moana’ Image


Fans of the Polynesian Disney princess named Moana have been all abuzz about the new Moana ride coming to EPCOT, which is coming toward the end of 2023 and will be called Journey of Water. One of the biggest highlights of this EPCOT attraction in Walt Disney World Resort will be Te Fiti, the Polynesian goddess who plays a large ...

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Giant ‘Te Fiti’ Goddess Arrives in EPCOT

In Defense of EPCOT

Get ready, Moana fans! If you love the Polynesian Disney princess (who was featured as part of World Princess Week) and the adventures that she embarks on alongside Maui (the demigod voiced by Dwayne Johnson), then you have probably already been keeping tabs on the upcoming Moana ride that is coming to the EPCOT Disney Park in Walt Disney World Resort in ...

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