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Rainforest Café Has A Ride You Just Have to See!

A colorful image features a cartoon elephant hugging a character in explorer gear on the left and a zebra hugging another character with a bow on the right. In the center, under a large tree, is the Rainforest Cafe logo. Lush greenery forms the backdrop.

Are you a Rainforest Café fan? Well, you’ll want to check out this Rainforest Cafe that has a RIDE in it!  Rainforest Cafe at Disney World With two locations at Walt Disney World Resort, including Disney Springs and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, chances are if you’re a regular visitor to Disney, you’ve dined at least once in the rainforest. We have ...

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Tired of Disney’s ‘Woke’? Texas Has Something For You

Texas building theme park to rival Disney

When Disney’s feud with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis started, several states vied for the jobs and investment the Walt Disney Company provided to Florida. North and South Carolina made pitches to Disney, hoping to attract them to their state, but Texas was the loudest. But that was mainly from a man who claimed that Disney was coming, only to steal ...

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It May Not Be a Disney Park But Here’s What Is Opening in Texas Next Week

disney immersive experience texas

It’s common knowledge in the Disney community and among Disney Fanatics that fans have been asking for a third domestic Disney Resort and Disney Park to manage crowd levels alongside Southern California’s Disneyland Resort and Central Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort. Of all the 50 states that Disney could pick from, one of the most commonly mentioned states that should ...

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