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Guest Spots Poop In Disney Park

An animated Donald Duck in his sailor outfit covers his head with one hand, standing in front of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. The castle, featured in the vibrant Disney Park, boasts blue and pink accents under a clear blue sky.

Recently a guest had a surprising addition to their Disney experience: spotting poop at a Disney park, in the middle of the street. Visiting any of the theme parks is a magical experience for most puests. There are myriad options to choose from to make that visit truly unforgettable: iconic attractions — think Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, — to immersive ...

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Disney’s Newest Entertainment Has a ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Connection

magic happens rupaul's drag

One of the best parts of the Disney experience while at the Disney Resorts are the entertainment offerings at the Disney Parks. From the incredible rides and attractions for Guests to enjoy, like Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort and Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World Resort, to parades like the Festival of Fantasy ...

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Guests Can Fly “Disney to Disney” Non-Stop For the First Time

breeze airways disney flight

In some exciting news for the day, Disney fans will be able to “fly Disney to Disney” because of a new flight route announced by Breeze Airways. Going to either the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort are undeniable ways to get the best of that quintessential Disney experience. Going to any Disney Theme Park at either Disney ...

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VIDEO: Walt Disney Classic Ride Suffers Disrepair

it's a small world disneyland

Yet again, another Disney Park ride is suffering from disrepair, and this time the ride is a Walt Disney classic. The Disney Parks — Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — are known for being the perfect spots for that magical Disney vacation. But recently, these Theme Parks have been under fire for less savory news: ride breakdowns, bad ...

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Disney Guests Take Off Shoes in Attractions, Rub Feet All Over

disneyland tiki room

A group of Disney Guests took their shoes off and rubbed their feet all over the floor and seats of an attraction in a Disney Park. There have been more than enough counts of Disney Guests crossing the line recently. No matter which Theme Park — the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Paris, or the Disneyland Resort — some visitors ...

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Guest Shares Heart Warming Disney Park Story

disney park experience

The Disney Parks have had a lot of unsavory coverage recently, but this recent social media post is a great reminder of why we love them. With the amount of negative press about Disney that has been making the rounds, sometimes it’s wonderful to be reminded of why these Parks captured our attention and garnered our love in the first ...

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Disney’s 2022 World Princess Week Food Offerings

world princess week food

It’s World Princess Week from August 21 — 27, and Disney is bringing the magic with its special food offerings for Guests to enjoy over the week-long celebration. Check out their announcement: The time has come to enjoy royal goodies in honor of World Princess Week! ? Explore the decadent delights available in our latest Foodie Guide now: ...

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HACKED: Disneyland Social Media Compromised for Almost an Hour

Disney Instagram hacked

It appears that the Disneyland Resort’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked this morning, and the situation remained unfixed for over 45 minutes. The hacker posted multiple pictures to the and even changed the official description beginning at around 4 am local time. A picture of Disneyland’s Instagram account was captured by DisneyTips, who reported on the incident. All changes ...

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Disney Caught in ‘Cabal,’ Drawn into California Corruption Scandal

Disney California Cabal

For years, the President of the Disneyland Resort was humorously tied to the unofficial title “the Mayor of Anaheim.” But, now, it appears an FBI investigation could illuminate some truth in the joke. According to The Wall Street Journal., a massive corruption scandal is currently unfolding in Anaheim, California, revealing what is described as a “cabal” of elected officials and ...

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