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Theme Park Reservations Automatically Removed for Select Guests

theme park reservation removal

After an announcement earlier this summer about the end of theme park reservations for select Guests, Disney has an update for us! Since its announcement and institution, the Disney Park Pass Reservation system has been the bane of many Guests’ Disney vacations. The plan was first implemented as we were coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic to manage crowd levels ...

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Disney Making Changes to “Simplify” Theme Parks, Make Them “Easier and More Accessible”

disney parks simplifying experience

The Disney Parks experience is singular. Going to a Disney Park is a dream vacation for many Disney Fanatics all over the world. From incredible attractions like Cinderella Castle, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Haunted Mansion to shows like “Fantasmic!” at any domestic and international Disney Theme Park—be that Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida, Disneyland Resort in Southern ...

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Disney Fans Speak Out Against Theme Park Reservations Again

Disney Theme Park Reservation System

Whether or not these were executive decisions from Bob Iger or not, there have appeared to be a lot of changes happening at Disney Parks since he took the reigns back from now-former Disney CEO Bob Chapek. But one change that fans continue to demand is the elimination of the detested Theme Park Reservation System. Ever since Disney World and ...

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OpEd: Reopening Annual Pass Sales with Reservation System is Good for Bob “Paycheck,” Bad for Guests

Disney Annual Pass Sales

The Disneyland Resort officially announced that they are reopening new sales of their annual pass, the Magic Key, to Guests, eliminating the closed-door situation that only allowed pre-existing Magic Key Holders to renew their special status. It is great to see fans regaining their Magic Key status after so long. But, as long as the Theme Park Reservation System is ...

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Could Extending Annual Passes to 18 Months Fix The Reservation Issues?

Disney World Annual Passholder

Up until now, the common understanding of Walt Disney World Annual Passholders (APs) and Disneyland Magic Key Holders was that they could access the Theme Parks on any day they weren’t blacked out. As The Walt Disney Company continues to hold fast to the Theme Park Reservation System, the perceived level of these year-long passes’ Park access is significantly diminished. ...

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Photos: Disney Park Faces Protests Against Reservation System

Disneyland Paris Protest

Ever since it was initiated at the Disney Theme Parks, the Theme Park Reservation System has been a target of critique–and outright hate–by Park-going Disney Fanatics. But, recently, the tension between Disney Fans and Disney Parks over the reservations has continued to increase and evolve into something more than just online outrage. In 2021, Disneyland Passholders filed a lawsuit over ...

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Report: Annual Passholders Sue Disney Over Reservation System

Disney World Annual Passholders

Two Walt Disney World Annual Passholders have reportedly filed a lawsuit against Disney regarding the extended Theme Park Reservation policy. According to, the lawsuit was filed anonymously by two Florida Residents on Tuesday, October 18, in the U.S. District Court’s Orlando Division. The plaintiffs, referred to as “E.K.” and “M.P.,” claim that Disney is exploiting its annual pass holders ...

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Disney World: No Theme Park Reservations, Hotel Availability Through Friday

Disney World Closure

Latest Update: 9/29/22 2:55 pm EDT – Disney World Confirms Phased Reopening for Friday Published: 9/29/22 2:12 pm EDT While the Walt Disney World Resort has only officially confirmed on its website that its Theme Parks and Water Park will be closed today, Thursday, September 29, other sections of its website suggest that official confirmation of a Friday closure is ...

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Clarification: Disney World Park Pass Update Does Not Include Hotel Guests

Disney World Park Pass Updates

Earlier today, we at Disney Fanatic shared some exciting news regarding changes being made to the Walt Disney World Resort’s Theme Park Reservation System. Now, it appears that all Theme Park Ticket Holders and Annual Passholders who want to take advantage of the new flexibility need to keep their Theme Park Reservations separate from their hotel reservations. According to Theme ...

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