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What’s So Special About the Tiana’s Palace Menu? We’ve Got the Details

tiana's palace disneyland

The Disney Princess from Walt Disney Animation Studios‚Äô¬†The Princess and the Frog (2009), Princess Tiana, has been the talk of the town for months now. The New Orleans native and ambitious chef has a Disney theme park ride on the way (much to Splash Mountain fans’ chagrin),¬†a Disney+ series in production, and a Disneyland boutique under her belt. Aside from ...

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Tiana’s Palace Gets Mouthwatering New Menu!

Tiana's Palace Disneyland menu

And I’m almost there I’m almost there People gonna come here from everywhere And I’m almost there I’m almost there We are almost there, Disney fans! In just about two weeks, a new¬†Princess and the Frog¬†restaurant will make its premiere. Tiana’s Palace will open on September 7 in Disneyland Park. The new eatery will be located in New Orleans Square ...

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Highly-Anticipated ‘Princess and the Frog’ Restaurant Finally Gets Opening Date

tiana's palace disneyland

This new Princess Tiana destination might not be as controversial as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, but it will probably be more consistently enjoyed among Disney Fanatics! The plucky New Orleans native and renowned chef from the 2009 animated movie (who was originally meant to be a chambermaid) has been soaking up a lot of limelight in recent months due to her ...

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‘Princess and the Frog’ Takeover Continues Within Disney Parks


One only needs to mention “Splash Mountain” (the now permanently-closed Magic Kingdom ride that was inspired by the infamous 1964 movie Song of the South) to hear many ardent Disney fans’ passionate thoughts about the expansion of the 2009 movie¬†Princess and the Frog’s presence in the Disney Parks. Princess Tiana, the animated heroine who works towards creating her dream New ...

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Disney Park Location Closes To Make Way For New Opening

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After news of a Walt Disney World closure on February 15, 2023, we, unfortunately, bring tidings of another establishment that had its last day today. Closures are a part of the Disney experience, as any Disney fan can attest to. While they are definitely unhappy and difficult when that location is a favorite spot to frequent, unfortunately, any Disney Fanatic ...

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PHOTO: Disney Reveals Concept Art for Tiana’s Palace Restaurant

Tiana's Palace Disneyland

Are you ready?! We are just days away from Splash Mountain finally closing at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom to make way for the all-new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, and with it will come even more New Orleans magic, especially at Disneyland Park. At the D23 Expo last September, it was revealed that Disneyland would not just get a new ride in ...

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OpEd: Disney World Could Have Its Own Version of Tiana’s Palace Restaurant

Tiana's Place at Disney World

As most folks already know by now, both Disneyland Park in California, as well as Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, have plans in place for retheming their own versions of the long-time Disney classic Splash Mountain ride into a new attraction themed after The Princess and the Frog‚ÄĒTiana‚Äôs Bayou Adventure. Set to open in 2024, Tiana‚Äôs Bayou Adventure will ...

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CONFIRMED: Tiana Gets Disneyland Restaurant

tiana disney restaurant

The Disney princess Tiana who starred in the 2009 Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Princess and the Frog is going to be getting yet another establishment built in her honor. Princess Tiana, who is voiced by Disney Legend Anika Noni Rose, was first created for the 2009 Princess and the Frog movie in which she (a waitress dreaming of opening her own restaurant) ...

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