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Disney Calls Out Fake News From “Far Right”: “Problematic” Tinker Bell Not Canceled

Tinker Bell Disney Parks

New sources claim that reports that Disney canceled the beloved pixie from Peter Pan were rumors fuelled by “the far right.” Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increasingly polarized view of The Walt Disney Company and its decisions, whether regarding its theme parks (be it Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort) or even the characters in its movies, ...

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Tinker Bell Actress: Disney Remake “Corrects” ‘Peter Pan’ Story

Disney Peter Pan Remake

Walt Disney Studios is making it clear that it is on a mission beyond entertainment regarding its recent live-action remake of an animated classic, Peter Pan & Wendy (2023). Our return to Neverland comes directed by David Lowery and brought a plethora of changes to the story Disney fans grew up with. Starring Alexander Molony as Peter Pan, and Ever ...

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D.I.Y. Disney Drinks: Tinker Bell’s Appletini

tinker bell inspired cocktail

Here we go! This Tinker Bell-inspired cocktail will have you off to Neverland! Out of all of Disney’s amazing female characters, Tinker Bell is something special. She stole our hearts without saying a single word when she was introduced in Walt Disney’s Peter Pan (1953) and has since evolved her princess-like charisma and unique pixie spunk over the decades to ...

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Did This Tinker Bell Movie Intro Ever Actually Happen? Fans Say No

Walt Disney Picture logo with Tinkerbell and Pixie Dust

It seems safe to say that Disney fanatics love to wax nostalgic about their favorite Disney memories. One potent Disney memory has Disney fanatics up in arms, however — because according to some sources, it didn’t actually happen! Back in the day, Disney movies began with an animated intro that was instantly recognizable, and that featured the Disney castle and ...

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Disney Short Secretly Birthed in Taco Bell Parking Lot

Tinker Bell on Taco Bell

The Walt Disney Company recently revealed some seemingly scandalous information about two members of its creative film team. Dan Abraham, a story developer for Disney, and Trent Correy, an animator, admitted to a fateful 2021 meeting in a Taco Bell parking lot that eventually brought Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Chief Creative Officer to tears. The secret meetings between Abraham and ...

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Esmeralda and Tinker Bell Have Been Cancelled as Disney Princesses: Here’s Why

disney princesses

Disney Fanatics often refer to all Disney heroines as “Disney Princesses” (although the more hardcore Disney Fanatics might be more specific about their labels), but the reality is that not all female Disney protagonists are royal characters. Some characters (like Princess Tiana from the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog) marry into their Disney Princess status. Others are born ...

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‘Frozen’ Star Idina Menzel Sings Tinker Bell’s Praises Despite Backlash

idina menzel with olaf, anna, and elsa, and yara shahidi blowing a kiss as tinkerbell

In a segment with Billboard called “Speed Dating,” celebrities are asked a series of quick questions about their life — and in her very recent Speed Dating segment, Frozen star Idina Menzel made it clear that she has a thing for classic live-action Disney movie stars as well as a fondness for an unexpected Disney heroine! From Softball Questions to Hardball Questions The Broadway ...

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The Original ‘Tinker Bell’ Returns to Neverland

margaret kerry with tinker bell

If there’s one thing that Disney fans always love, it’s a classic Disney icon like Roy Disney or a Disney Legend like Jodi Benson. Many Disney fans want to feel a stronger connection to the Walt Disney Company and its history, as if they were able to speak directly to Walt Disney himself — but there are still some people ...

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Disney Adds ‘Lost Girls’ to Peter Pan’s ‘Lost Boys’ Despite Protests

lost girls glare at lost boys in peter pan

Disney’s new live-action adaptation of Peter Pan (1953), called Peter Pan & Wendy, has been receiving mixed reviews so far — partly because Disney fans seem to be more and more frustrated, on a larger scale, by Disney’s infatuation with live-action remakes of the company’s classic animated films. Peter Pan & Wendy had already raised some eyebrows before its very recent Disney+ premiere ...

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