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The Original ‘Tinker Bell’ Returns to Neverland

margaret kerry with tinker bell

If there’s one thing that Disney fans always love, it’s a classic Disney icon like Roy Disney or a Disney Legend like Jodi Benson. Many Disney fans want to feel a stronger connection to the Walt Disney Company and its history, as if they were able to speak directly to Walt Disney himself — but there are still some people ...

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Disney Adds ‘Lost Girls’ to Peter Pan’s ‘Lost Boys’ Despite Protests

lost girls glare at lost boys in peter pan

Disney’s new live-action adaptation of Peter Pan (1953), called Peter Pan & Wendy, has been receiving mixed reviews so far — partly because Disney fans seem to be more and more frustrated, on a larger scale, by Disney’s infatuation with live-action remakes of the company’s classic animated films. Peter Pan & Wendy had already raised some eyebrows before its very recent Disney+ premiere ...

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Guest Uses Tinker Bell Meet and Greet to Break Restraining Order

tinkerbell shocked and a tinkerbell cast member

Character Meet and Greets can be magical (and sometimes, even life-saving) experiences for Walt Disney World Resort Guests. Even when the Walt Disney Company has faltered lately and Disney Park Cast Members have openly revealed some major downsides of the job, there are still plenty of Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Hollywood Studios Guests who love to meet their ...

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Disney Guest Violates Restraining Order at Meet and Greet

Tinker Bell Meet and Greet

It seems that grownups continue to find ways to make magical Disney Park character experiences increasingly problematic, and I mean that beyond simply the not-so-unique variety of one-liners dished out by creepy dads while their little kids visit princesses. Tens of thousands of Guests visit a single Disney Theme Park each day, with lines to meet “face characters” like the ...

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The Beloved Disney World Experiences Ended For ‘Good Reasons’

Discontinued Feature

There is an old saying that all good things must come to an end. While we’d like to believe that the magical experiences to be had at Walt Disney World are all exempt from this concept, we all know better. We’ve seen it firsthand when one of our favorite attractions closes or a highly enjoyable non-attraction offering becomes defunct. That’s ...

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DIY Disney Drinks: Tinker Bell’s Appletini

Tinker Bell Themed Cocktail

Here we go! This Disney-inspired cocktail will have you off to Neverland! Out of all of Disney’s amazing female characters, Tinker Bell is something special. She stole our hearts without saying a single word when she was introduced in Walt Disney’s Peter Pan and has since evolved her princess-like charisma and unique pixie spunk over the decades to connect with ...

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Tinker Bell Meet and Greet Completely Removed from Disney World Website

Tinker Bell Disney World

It appears that the post-pandemic changes have officially taken another Disney World experience: the Tinker Bell Meet and Greet at the Town Square Theatre in Magic Kingdom Park. Earlier this year, we at Disney Fanatic reported that the beloved pixie from Peter Pan would not return to her usual spot when Walt Disney World Resort announced that normal, hug-friendly character experiences ...

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Did This Tinker Bell Intro Ever Actually Happen? Fans Say No

tinker bell disney intro

It seems safe to say that Disney fanatics love to wax nostalgic about their favorite Disney memories. One potent Disney memory has Disney fanatics up in arms, however — because according to some sources, it didn’t actually happen! Back in the day, Disney movies began with an animated intro that was instantly recognizable and that featured the Disney castle and ...

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