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Guest Mortified as She’s Escorted Off Popular Universal Ride

Guest Escorted Off Flight of the Hippogriff Universal

Traveling to another country and visiting a foreign theme park like Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan is a bucket list item for many people. We dream of walking through the gates and feeling something magical that we haven’t experienced before. It is so exciting to board a ride that you’ve seen in photos and take off on an exciting ...

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CONFIRMED: Disney Park Axing Its Most Iconic Attraction, Replacing With Marvel

Its a small world with groot

It’s official – Disney is giving “it’s a small world” a major makeover and making it a Marvel attraction. Of all the Disney park attractions worldwide, none are arguably as famous as “it’s a small world.” The iconic boat ride – which first debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair – was a passion project of Walt Disney himself and is ...

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Disney Changes Attraction Under Threat of Government Adding Extra Charges

tokyo disneyland train

One Disney Park attraction had to be constructed in a very specific way in order to prevent the government from adding extra charges. Constructing and building a Disney Park is no small feat. Making this happen requires a lot of permits and a solid working relationship with the government of any country. For example, before the Walt Disney Company made ...

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Get Your Checkbooks Ready, Stake In Disney Park About to Go Up For Sale

Tokyo Disneyland for sale

In America, The Walt Disney Company is having its own problems with activist investors. Nelson Peltz is launching his second proxy war against the Disney Company’s Board, seeking two seats to change Disney’s direction. But it’s not just Disney’s American interests that are facing a proxy war. A proxy war currently happening in Japan could cause a portion of Tokyo ...

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Infamous Dictator’s Secret Disneyland Trips Disclosed

Tokyo Disneyland

Since Disneyland opened in California in 1955, Disney Parks have been the destination of many politicians and leaders, from Harry Truman and Richard Nixon to Princess Diana and even King Mohammed V of Morocco. But one story has come to light that exposed one would-be dictator made his own secret visit to one of the Disney Theme Parks. According to ...

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Disney Official Shares Public Apology Following “Sexual Harassment” Incident During Parade

Minnie Mouse Skirted

Disney has clearly heard the concerns regarding a recent viral video. Right now, the Disney theme parks worldwide are in the middle of their holiday celebrations. As the holiday season approaches, each Disney Park transforms into a winter wonderland, captivating guests with dazzling decorations and cheerful ambiance. For many guests, each Park’s Christmas Parade is the perfect embodiment of this ...

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Disney Cast Member Assaults Minnie Mouse During Parade

Minnie Mouse assaulted in Disneyland Tokyo

The Walt Disney Company is THE premier provider of exceptional theme park entertainment. For decades and across the globe, Disney has operated multiple theme park resorts. Related: The $500 Luxury Minnie Mouse Ears Each park provides hours of superior entertainment through night shows, fireworks, parades, stage shows, and more. But sometimes, these shows don’t go as planned. The near perfection of ...

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Disney Fans Are Calling It: These Are the Best (and Worst) Parks in the World

best and worst global disney parks

Walt Disney broke ground on what would become a global phenomenon in 1955 when Disneyland opened its gates. Featuring 35 attractions, rides, and exhibits, Disneyland introduced America’s first single-rail transportation system: the monorail. The sweeping success of Disneyland spurred a sibling on the east coast when the Walt Disney Company launched an ambitious “Florida Project.” In 1971, the Walt Disney ...

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A Price Increase Is Coming to This Disney Park for the First Time Ever

Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella Castle Sunset

Although Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the world’s most-visited theme Park, die-hard Disney fans would argue it’s not the best one. While EPCOT’s World Showcase is a front-runner for best Disney Parks in the world, the two that come up in conversation most often aren’t even owned by Disney. Right around the bay from Tokyo sits not one but two castles: ...

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Disney Park Permanently Removes Guest Perk, Will Test a New Alternative This Summer

Tokyo Disney Queue

In a world rocked by COVID-19, Disney scrambled after its pandemic closure to curtail crowds. To gradually work its way back to pre-pandemic Park attendance, Disney reopened without one of the most crucial perks of a Walt Disney World vacation: the FastPass. With Guests desperately awaiting its return, Disney had to think quickly to deliver a similar experience. On October ...

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