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Having Nightmares? ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Actor Tom Holland Has The Solution

Even frequent Disney visitors can have bad dreams sometimes, and if you’ve been having nightmares lately, there’s an unexpected resource for you! Tom Holland, the sprightly Englishman who plays Peter Parker and Spider-man (as well as Nathan Drake in the adventurous ‘Uncharted‘ movie) has plenty of advice to give on the matter! In a recent interview with GQ, the cheerful ...

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‘Spider-Man’ Actor Tom Holland Reveals Hints About His Upcoming Role as Nathan Drake in ‘Uncharted’

Tom Holland has been impressing Marvel fans for years with his performance as Spider-Man in the ‘Avengers’ movies and in the ‘Spider-Man” movies, including the upcoming ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home‘, and now the English actor has entered the world of video games! Holland’s upcoming interpretation of Nathan Drake from “Uncharted”, which is a widely-acclaimed Naughty Dog video game series, has ...

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Spider-Man Takes A Turn As the Legendary Nathan Drake

credit: WhatsOnDisneyPlus

Tom Holland has become a household name since he’s played the charmingly naive, acrobatic Spider-man in Marvel’s Spider-man and Avengers movies–but he’s also becoming more well known in a very specific, less arachnid-focused audience. Fans of Naughty Dog’s widely-acclaimed “Uncharted” video games have been waiting for the games’ affable action hero and treasure hunter Nathan Drake to get some movie ...

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Is Doctor Strange An Imposter?

Fans have been raving about the trailer for the newest Spider-man movie, “No Way Home”. While reactions have mostly been positive (or surprising), one significant theory about the movie’s plot has started to emerge. Some Marvel Studios fans are starting to suspect that Doctor Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is no longer himself in this movie; they think he might ...

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Reactions to Marvel’s Spiderman: No Way Home Trailer

As with any Marvel movie or Avengers installment, the newest Spider-man film has been eagerly awaited by fans. Now, a trailer for the upcoming movie has been released–and since the previous film ended in a massive cliffhanger preceded by an epic plot twist, viewers have been all the more eager to see what happens next. They aren’t likely to be ...

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