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Fans Attack Disneyland For Making “Incredibly Boring” Ride


There is a lot for Marvel fans to enjoy in the Avengers Campus within Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort. After all, you can watch Marvel superheroes strolling around in a more interactive way than you can during a regimented Character Meet and Greet (although you do have to worry about the Scarlet Witch trying to “borrow” your children). However, ...

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A Fake Butt? One Spider-Man Wore an Enhanced Posterior in ‘No Way Home’


We already know that Tom Holland sports a “Spider-man muscle suit” in¬†Spider-Man: No Way Home (although he has bulked up significantly for his new role in Uncharted) and that Marvel actors are edited to look perfect onscreen — but Tom Holland has just revealed that there is another way that actors can enhance their appearance! Apparently, either actor Andrew Garfield ...

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OpEd: Tom Holland Actually Excels as Nathan Drake


Although Tom Holland is a popular actor ever since he began his role as Peter Parker and Spider-Man in the Marvel movies (with the most recent being Spider-Man: No Way Home from last year), the young English actor sparked controversy in the world of video games when he was cast to play an Indiana Jones type of character from the ...

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Movie Review: ‘Uncharted’ Is a Worthy Addition to Nathan Drake’s Adventures


Tom Holland has traded spiderwebs for pistols in the new action-adventure movie Uncharted, which premiered yesterday and stars the¬†Spider-Man: No Way Home actor as charismatic treasure hunter Nathan Drake from the award-winning Naughty Dog Playstation video games. Fans of the six “Uncharted” video games might have been apprehensive about the movie that languished in years of development and that featured ...

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“I Put on as Much Weight as I Could” : Tom Holland Talks ‘Uncharted’

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Video game fans and Marvel fans are merging next week as the new Uncharted movie premieres, which is starring Spider-Man: No Way Home actor Tom Holland and is based on the beloved Playstation video games of the same name.  Tom Holland has already revealed some tidbits about the film, which premieres on February 17 in theaters and also includes Mark Wahlberg as ...

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“A Beauty Pass”: Why Marvel Actors Look Flawless Onscreen


It’s no mystery to audiences that the actors are retouched a bit onscreen in post-production after a movie has been filmed (and the same goes for TV series), but¬†Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has recently revealed that there’s actually a name for the filtering that is done: it’s called “a beauty pass”, and editors can do anything from removing actors’ acne ...

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“We Were Pushing Each Other’s Buttons”: Tom Holland Discusses Working with Mark Wahlberg


When you have two A-list actors who are very similar, there’s bound to be some pushing and pulling on a movie set — and apparently, Mark Wahlberg and¬†Spider-Man actor Tom Holland were no different while filming the new video game-inspired adventure film¬†Uncharted! Mark plays Victor Sullivan, the wisecracking and cigar-smoking mentor of treasure hunter Nathan Drake (who is played by ...

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“No Way Home” Writers Talk Balancing Story with 3 Spider-Mans


Spider-Man: No Way Home writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers sat down with the Los Angeles Times to discuss the madness to their methods that created one of the most jaw-dropping movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. One of the points brought up in the conversation was how they could balance the story with all three Peter Parkers/Spider-Mans: Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, ...

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Marvel Takes Center Stage in the SAG Award Nominations

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  As awards season continues in the wake of the Golden Globes, the usual patterns in the awards ceremonies are already beginning to emerge — but with some surprises along the way. Two Marvel stars have already been front and center: Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch has received praise and nominations for his lead role in the Western film called ...

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