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OpEd: Out of All Disney World’s Hotels There’s One Wish Left Ungranted

Can you spend the night in Disney's Tower of Terror

The Walt Disney World Resort hosts an outstanding plethora of Resort Hotels that range in price, location, luxury, and overtly Disneyfied immersion. Related: What You Need to Know About the Different Disney World Resort Levels From taking in the Disney Enchantment Fireworks from a Park-view balcony at Disney’s Contemporary Resort to taking a swim with Nemo and friends at Disney’s ...

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These Are the Things a Rookie Must Do at Hollywood Studios


So, you’re about to embark on your first-ever visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park at Walt Disney World Resort. Perhaps you haven’t been back since the days when it was known as Disney-MGM Studios. Or maybe you’ve never even been to the Park, ever. Either way, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has undergone many massive reimagined changes in recent years, and ...

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Video: Guests Stuck Inside Tower of Terror with Lights On

Tower of Terror breakdown

On Thursday, July 14, Disney World Guests were given a unique perspective on a landmark attraction when they got stuck on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. TikTok user @victoriabarros_ shared a video of her and her friends in the elevator car at the point in the experience right before the big drop, staring at what ...

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Report: Disney World Removing Iconic ‘Tower of Terror’ Sign

Disney World Tower of Terror Sign

An arriving drive into The Walt Disney World Resort includes a series of iconic landmarks, beginning with the legendary archway that marks the official entrance onto Disney World Property. One of those landmarks has been a Tower of Terror billboard on World Drive, and it has come to our attention that it will soon be removed. The news was shared ...

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Spooky Photo Ops Arrive at Walt Disney World for ‘Halfway to Halloween’

Walt Disney World is celebrating ‘Halfway to Halloween’ by launching new, and unseasonably spooky offerings in Disney Parks and online for fans following along at home! In addition to an online Hocus Pocus (1993) watch party, Disney has a special (and secretive) live stream coming tomorrow night, April 28, 2022. The latest ‘Halfway to Halloween’ update comes to Walt Disney ...

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Apples and Oranges:  An Equivalence Comparison Between Disneyland and Disney World Attractions

Disney fanatics living in the United States are lucky because both coasts boast iconic Disney theme parks to take delight in. Most already know the story behind how these parks got their start; Walt Disney pursued his vision for extending his entertainment industry beyond the bounds of just movies and television, going on to open his family-oriented Disneyland theme park ...

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What if Disney Owned Ghostbusters?

There’s definitely something strange in the Disney Parks neighborhoods. The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and Tower of Terror are just a few examples of Disney’s relationship with the weird and wonderful world of the supernatural – and that’s just the theme park attractions. There’s also the streaming service Disney+, and now that the House of Mouse has inherited ...

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