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Fans Cry Over “Saddest” Plot of ‘Toy Story 5’ After It Was Allegedly “Leaked”

toy story 5 leaked

Fans have been crying over the supposed leaked plot of ‘Toy Story 5,’ the upcoming movie of a fan-favorite franchise; however, the more important question to be asking is, is this leaked plot even real? The Toy Story series has been one of the most beloved franchises from Disney/Pixar since the first movie was released in 1995. The movie follows ...

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Fans REFUSE to Watch Official NFL Match, Choose ‘Toy Story’ Football Instead

disney espn nfl broadcast

In yet another instance of fans refusing to kowtow to Disney’s ever-increasing prices, some explicitly refused to pay to watch the NFL match on Sunday, choosing to watch Disney’s Toy Story characters play the game instead. On October 1, the Atlanta Falcons played the Jacksonville Jaguars in London at Wembley Stadium in an incredibly gripping game. Notably, when it comes to the ...

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Disney and ESPN Are Trying Something Wild With Upcoming Live NFL Game

Toy Story Funday Football

What’s the one thing all sports fans pine for when viewing their favorite games between two professional teams? It’s obvious! They all wish Disney and Pixar could turn the live game into an animated spectacle in real time. As Disney returns ESPN and other stations to Spectrum, it hopes to bring new viewers to streaming via its latest strategy to ...

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Cracker Barrel Accused of Stealing ‘Toy Story’ Intellectual Property

Cracker Barrel Toy Story

Cracker Barrel could potentially find itself in hot water soon with the House of Mouse. The American-themed restaurant chain has had a fair share of disdain directed at it this year. However, no one could have predicted that accusations of stealing Disney’s intellectual property would be on the cards for them in 2023. Disney is notorious for fiercely protecting its ...

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Confirmed: An All-New Pixar Musical Production Is Coming to Disney


Ribbon cuts, parade cancellations, and big announcements have sent waves through this Disney Park over the last year. The top tourist attraction in Europe—Disneyland Paris—has been a-Buzz with Cast Member strikes, bake shop launches, and plenty of Park additions since its 30th Anniversary Celebration began. With Park expansions like the Avengers Campus in Walt Disney Studios Park and the gates ...

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What To Do if You Can’t Get a Reservation to Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Sketch art for Disney's Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Walt Disney World has a brand new restaurant opening up this week on March 23, 2023. It is none other than Roundup Rodeo BBQ located in Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This restaurant features you guessed it- barbecue food and is based on the beloved Toy Story franchise. Now with any new restaurant opening in the Walt Disney ...

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Disney’s Imagineers Make Huge Progress On Highly-Anticipated Restaurant


If you ask Disney and Pixar fans to choose a favorite franchise, there will be plenty of discussion — but there will also be plenty of participants who choose Toy Story. The Toy Story movies have become staples in Disney-loving families’ homes, and childhood favorites for audiences who now classify themselves as Disney Adults — especially since Toy Story 5 is now on the ...

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Disney’s ‘Toy Story’ was Finally Complete! What Could a Fifth Movie Add?

Toy Story 5 predictions

When Pixar Animation Studios released Toy Story 4 in 2019, the actual Toy Story was finally complete. Kickstarted by studio co-founder and legend John Lassetter before his unceremonious departure and fulfilled by director Josh Cooley, the fourth installment was the necessary epilogue that proved the entire franchise is really about a toy named Woody and his struggles with the duties that ...

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Disney Upgrades ‘Toy Story’ Characters for Meet and Greets

toy story woody jessie buzz lightyear

Disney has been upgrading roller coasters, rides, and attractions right and left — even as it permanently closes some offerings — and the next upgrade is coming in the form of new looks for three popular Disney and Pixar characters! Toy Story costumes and Toy Story characters’ appearances have already been on Disney fans’ minds lately, since one Kardashian offended many Pixar enthusiasts ...

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‘Toy Story’ Fans Attack Kardashian for ‘Ruining’ Character With Revealing Costume

kendall jenner jessie toy story costume halloween

Celebrities have often been criticized in regard to their tendency to take over Disney Parks or Disney rides during their visits to Disney locations like Disneyland Resort, and the Kardashians have become known as repeat offenders in this department. One Kardashian family member has just offended Disney fans in a whole new way, however — and it involves Halloween! Kendall ...

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