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Disney Upgrades ‘Toy Story’ Characters for Meet and Greets

toy story woody jessie buzz lightyear

Disney has been upgrading roller coasters, rides, and attractions right and left — even as it permanently closes some offerings — and the next upgrade is coming in the form of new looks for three popular Disney and Pixar characters! Toy Story costumes and Toy Story characters’ appearances have already been on Disney fans’ minds lately, since one Kardashian offended many Pixar enthusiasts ...

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‘Toy Story’ Fans Attack Kardashian for ‘Ruining’ Character With Revealing Costume

kendall jenner jessie toy story costume halloween

Celebrities have often been criticized in regard to their tendency to take over Disney Parks or Disney rides during their visits to Disney locations like Disneyland Resort, and the Kardashians have become known as repeat offenders in this department. One Kardashian family member has just offended Disney fans in a whole new way, however — and it involves Halloween! Kendall ...

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These Are the Things a Rookie Must Do at Hollywood Studios


So, you’re about to embark on your first-ever visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park at Walt Disney World Resort. Perhaps you haven’t been back since the days when it was known as Disney-MGM Studios. Or maybe you’ve never even been to the Park, ever. Either way, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has undergone many massive reimagined changes in recent years, and ...

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Eight of the Most Overrated Rides at Disney World

Tomorrowland Speedway

For diehard Disney fans, it may feel inherently wrong to talk down any Walt Disney World ride. But if we are honest, not all Disney rides are created equal, and some fall short of our high expectations. Whether the wow factor leaves us feeling a bit underwhelmed or the wait times build up our anticipation only to leave us disappointed ...

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Tom Hanks Backs Tim Allen in ‘Lightyear’ Casting Debate

Tim Allen Lightyear Casting

The early praise for Disney/Pixar’s feature film Lightyear has faded away to criticisms, and a lackluster box office performance as a consensus begins to form that the supposed origin story of everybody’s favorite Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear, missed the mark. One of the chief complaints has been Pixar’s decision to recast the voice of the “real” Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story ...

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Chris Evans Releases His Inner Disney Fanatic

chris evans

Boston-bred actor Chris Evans is best known for playing one of the leading Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the successful actor has recently headed into space for a different reason — and he has just given D23 (the Official Disney Fan Club) the scoop on his new astronaut-focused film, revealing his inner Disney fanatic in the process! The Knives ...

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Disney/Pixar Accept Bans, Reject Nations’ Requests to Remove Gay Scenes from ‘Lightyear’

Buzz Lightyear movie banned

We are now two days away from the theatrical launch of Disney/Pixar’s latest feature-length film, Lightyear, and it does not bode well for the Computer Animation Studios’ first return to theaters since before the pandemic. After early reviews praised the Sci-Fi adventure, unfriendly international reception has started to come to light, prompting full bans and ratings for “adult-only” movies. Several months ...

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Early Reviews Praise Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’

Buzz Lightyear Movie Reviews

In just seven days, Pixar fans will return to the movie theaters for the first time since the release of Onward. Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear is an action-pact adventure set to tell the origin story of the hero behind the toy first discovered in Andy’s room almost 30 years ago. The early reviews are starting to come in, and they appear to be setting high ...

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Ranking the Best Disney Movie Duos

Timon and Pumbaa

Over the years, Walt Disney Entertainment has introduced us to many diverse friendship duos that have appeared in countless movie classics. Because Disney characters, in general, can come in all different shapes, sizes, and species, such callouts in accordance with equally distinguishable personality traits make for a broad range of unique, versatile relationship dynamics. As is the case in real ...

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Confirmed: Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’ Receives Rating

Buzz Lightyear Movie Rating

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has finally given Pixar Animation Studios’ latest feature film, Lightyear, an official rating before being released in theaters. There has been a lot of talk in the lead-up to the Toy Story franchise spinoff/prequel’s release, and this reporter predicted that it would become Pixar’s first-ever PG-13 feature-length movie. But now this reporter can confirm ...

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