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Disney Highlights “Plus-Sized” Cast Members Despite TRON Ride Accusations


Walt Disney World Resort is currently under fire and facing backlash due to the reportedly less-than-inclusive seat sizing on the Disney Resort’s new and highly-anticipated roller coasterĀ TRON: Lightcycle/Run in the Magic Kingdom, with larger passengers complaining about the ride’s small seats as testing begins. Whether or not it is a coincidence remains to be seen, but Disneyland has also recently ...

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Server Error? Cast Members Complain TRON is Least Inclusive Ride at Disney World

Disney World Tron Ride Size

After seven years, TRON: Lightcycle/Run has finally begun welcoming its first “users” onto the grid, with Walt Disney World Cast Members flooding into Tomorrowland for their exclusive previews. However, there appears to be a server error on the grid. A significant number of Cast Members are reporting that they are too big to fit onto the standard Lightcycle ride seating, ...

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