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‘Star Wars’ at Risk of Losing Fanbase Next Year After 2024 Series Scrapped

Andor Diego Luna Image

Star Wars is at risk of losing some of its fans next year after one critically acclaimed series is currently not being released in 2024. The Walt Disney Company has just released a list of projects dropping onto their streaming service, Disney+, in 2024. Surprisingly, the next part in one of Lucasfilm’s most acclaimed series, Star Wars: Andor Season 2, ...

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Television Shows That Took Disney Vacations

Full House Cover

After the day is done, many folks like to unwind in front of the T.V. with a funny, laugh-out-loud family-based comedy. Likewise, most people dream of experiencing the magic of a vacation to Disney Parks at least once in their life. So, when you get to see some of your favorite fictional families from well-loved shows embark on their very ...

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‘Turning Red’: An Ode to Mothers, Daughters, and Female Adolescent Chaos

Turning Red

Warning: This review contains spoilers.  Turning Red is a movie that takes on familiar tropes and themes revolving around womanhood and delivers them in a new and refreshing package. I will be the first to admit I was not initially looking forward to Turning Red. As a long-time Disney fan, most of the 2020’s Disney films have ranged from disappointing ...

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