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Child Donates His ‘Disney World Fund’ to Ukraine

ukraine disney donation

People all over the world have been trying to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine during the Russian invasion, and social media has allowed people to connect in many emotional ways while providing urgent aid. The little Ukrainian girl Amelia who sang Disney’s Frozen song “Let It Go” from within a makeshift bunker received support from Frozen celebrities ...

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Ukrainian Family Flew to Disney World–Then the Russians Invaded

Ukrainian Family Disney Vacation

It began as a Disney Vacation. Iryna Lyubobetska and her husband decided to leave their home in Ukraine and take their children to The Most Magical Place On Earth for a family trip. They were in Central Florida when they learned that the Russians had begun their invasion. Unsure of what was going to happen to their homeland, Lyubobetska told ...

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Ukrainian “Let It Go” Girl Performs Again

Ukraine let it go

The worldwide response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine last month was demonstrated particularly strongly after one seven-year-old Ukrainian girl touched people’s hearts on social media with a rendition of a power ballad from the 2012 animated Disney movie Frozen. Young Ukrainian Amelia Anisovych, who was in a Ukrainian bomb shelter in Kyiv during the invasion, moved the entire bunker ...

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You Can Show Support for Ukraine at Walt Disney World – Here’s How

Disney World Ukraine

It is perhaps well-known among our readers that the Walt Disney World Resort has a strict policy of neutrality when it comes to political expression, especially when it comes to its Guests. Its website states, quite bluntly, that the following acts are prohibited: Unauthorized events, speeches, or use of any flag, banner, sign, or other material for commercial purposes or ...

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‘Frozen’ Celebrities Rally Around Ukrainian Girl Singing “Let It Go”

let it go ukraine

Social media has made it easier for onlookers worldwide to contact the people of Ukraine during the Russian invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin, but it has also made it easier to send them support from across the world — and several celebrities have taken to social media to share their support of one Ukrainian child in particular, a young girl ...

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Idina Menzel Responds to Little Girl Singing “Let It Go” in Ukraine

let it go ukraine idina menzel

The past two weeks have been dark as the world watches Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but organizations, celebrities, and people worldwide have been offering aid to Ukrainians however they can. Ukrainians themselves have exhibited remarkable strength in the face of the Russian invasion, and when footage of a Ukrainian girl singing the famous Frozen hit song “Let It Go” from within ...

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