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The Top Beauty and Wellness Advice from Real Disney Princesses


Disney princesses are known for their kindness, their courage, their humor, their beauty, and (sometimes) their grace. Whether a princess is clumsy but forthright like Merida or demure but strong-hearted like Cinderella, you can be sure that there’s something to admire in each one of them! The actresses who voice the princesses are often pretty inspiring, too–and we’ve rounded up ...

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This Indie Brand Has One-of-A-Kind Alice in Wonderland Makeup

As we all know by now, Disney doesn’t just stick to one category when they’re advertising a Disney movie or a Disney character. One only needs to look at the thousands of items with Disney princesses on them to see that there’s a wide variety of offerings, and one of the biggest categories is makeup! However, even though official Disney ...

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Emily Blunt Sparkles Like A Disney Princess In Animal-Friendly Makeup

The Disney actress Emily Blunt has impressed Disney World fans many times over, whether it’s been through her performance in Mary Poppins Returns, her role as the intrepid and beautiful Dr. Lily Houghton in The Jungle Cruise, or the natural charisma that she’s displayed during countless talk show interviews (see the musical montage she did with costar Lin-Manual Miranda, below, ...

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America’s Favorite Ballerina Is Honored During the Ultimate Princess Celebration

It’s not often that print magazines work with Disney for specific campaigns, but for Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration (and following World Princess Week, which featured Tiana, Cinderella, Moana, Ariel, Mulan, Belle, Elsa, and Anna), Elle magazine has teamed up with Disney to honor female celebrities who emulate Disney princesses’ courage and kindness. The first four recipients of this honor have ...

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Amazon’s Original Version of Cinderella Receives Mixed Reviews

Amazon Prime has just released its own original version of the fairytale “Cinderella” and viewers’ reactions have been contradictory, with many fans praising the film while others are vilifying it. The film’s success could have gone either way, considering the fact that its lead actress is well-known pop singer Camila Cabello. With a singer playing the princess, two original songs, ...

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The Disney Princesses Get A New Comic (And Workout)

Disney princesses have been represented in countless books, movies, parodies, song covers, and drawings done by their fans–but there’s one collection of Disney-princess-themed content that you may not have seen, and it’s just had a new addition! Cassey Ho, also known as Blogilates, has been a Youtube fitness powerhouse since 2009. Her Youtube channel’s high-energy Pilates workouts have garnered her ...

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Allure Bridals Continues to Impress With Its Disney Princess Wedding Dresses

Belle wedding dress

Anyone who keeps a keen eye on the Disney Weddings website fantasizes about getting married in a Disney park, feeling like a Disney princess, and having a happily ever after in keeping with the Disney princess tradition. Disney weddings are certainly popular (albeit expensive, particularly if you opt for luxuries like the nighttime spectacular and the horse and carriage), and ...

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It’s an Icy Duet for the World Princess Week Finale

For World Princess Week‘s magical ending, Disney has chosen to honor not one but two princesses–well, a princess and a queen! The sisters from Frozen and Frozen 2, Anna and Elsa, are today’s honorees. These heroines are some of Disney’s most well-known, due to the meteoric success of their movies, and due to their endearing personalities. Anna (played by Kristen ...

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Disney’s Bookworm Gets A Big Moment in World Princess Week

We already had a hunch about who Saturday’s honored Disney princess was going to be for World Princess Week, since there was a hint released yesterday during Mulan’s day, and we were correct! Today’s special princess is “The Beauty and The Beast”‘s Belle, the ingenue from France who willingly becomes a captive for a cursed Beast in his castle after ...

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Mulan Takes Center Stage In World Princess Week

Courage has been one of the two major focuses for Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration and international World Princess Week (with the other being kindness), and Friday’s honored princess certainly has courage in spades. Mulan, the strong young woman who disguised herself as a man to enter the army and save China, and who became a “legendary warrior“, was celebrated with ...

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