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Pixar Sneaks Another Tear-Jerking ‘Up’ Scene Into Theaters

Carl and Dug from 'Up' and 'Carl's Date'

The new Pixar animated movie called¬†Elemental¬†might leave something to be desired in the eyes of some audience members, and seem cute but fairly run-of-the-mill in other audience members’ eyes, but there was one surprise from Pixar that theater attendees did not see coming! The Famous¬†Up¬†Scene The Pixar movie¬†Up¬†is famous for its heartbreaking beginning, in which an old man named Carl ...

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Video: Disney Releases Trailer for New ‘Up’ Short Film Featuring the Late Ed Asner

Carl and Dug

Based on teasers and trailers released at the Annecy Film Festival, Disney fans seem to have more to look forward to from Disney’s shorts than its feature films. At the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Walt Disney Animation Studios shared news of a 100th anniversary Disney short film called Once Upon a Studio premiering in theaters ahead of Disney’s new ...

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Pixar Character “Moves On” and Fans are Not Happy

Pixar Carl's Date

Pixar Animation Studios has announced what could be its most controversial move yet, and fans are not happy. Paired with the first trailer of the latest feature film,¬†Elemental,¬†Pixar announced that Carl Fredrickson and Dug would return to the silver screen in an all-new short film called “Carl’s Date.” Yes, it appears that Carl is finally moving on from the love ...

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Bizarre Clue From Animated Movie Leaves Fans Bewildered


Back in the day, the scene from a movie that Ryan Reynolds blamed for “lifelong trauma” was probably the most famously-upsetting scene from an animated Disney movie — but these days, there is a more modern (and arguably just as upsetting) scene that gets more recognition. The animated Disney and Pixar movie Up, from 2009, has one of the most ...

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Is Pixar Done with This Fan-Favorite Movie Tradition?

Pixar John Ratzenberger Tradition

From the release of¬†Toy Story¬†through Onward,¬†every one of Pixar Animation Studios’ feature films had one thing in common: the voice of actor John Ratzenberger. It was known as “The Ratzenberger Tradition.” The former Cheers star was cast in a speaking role or cameo of varying size, starting as the Piggie Bank Hamm alongside Tom Hanks‘ Woody and Tim Allen’s Buzz ...

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Adorable Video Shows Kevin’s Reaction to Meeting Her “Babies” in Animal Kingdom

Kevin from Up

We love a good reaction video, and this one is simply the cutest! You may recall Kevin, the loveable “Snipe” bird from Disney and Pixar’s Up (2009) was discovered to not only be a girl in the hit film but also to have had babies, much to Russell’s surprise. Recently, a Guest visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom took to TikTok to ...

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Kevin Walkaround Character from Disney & Pixar’s “Up!” to Return to Animal Kingdom

Kevin Animal Kingdom

Fans of Disney and Pixar’s Up may be missing the presence of characters from the hit film at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but one favorite character from the movie is about to make her return. Prior to the Disney park’s closure at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Kevin, the colorful bird Russell is after in Up could ...

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