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Controversial Viral Video Claims Disney World REMOVING All Queues from Rides

disney changes virtual queue

A recent viral video set fans ablaze when it claimed that Disney was bringing a BIG change to the queue system in the parks. One of the things that fans like most about the Disney brand and, by extension, its associated products—be it Disney movies or Disney Parks (both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort)—is the brand’s reliability. The ...

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Travel Experts Admit That Planning Disney Vacations Is ‘Insanely’ Complicated

disney world crowd

According to this news network, planning a Walt Disney World Resort vacation has gotten so overwhelming that even professional travelers are balking at the challenge! In a recent article on CNBC, multiple travel professionals confessed that they find it more daunting to plan a Walt Disney World Resort vacation than to plan a vacation as complex or intimidating as a trip ...

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New Disney World Survey Lets Guests Vent Vacation Planning Frustrations

Disney World Vacation Planning Difficult

Over the past couple of years, it seemed that Walt Disney World Vacation Planning has become increasingly difficult. What started out as a digitization of one’s Theme Park Ticket onto a cool wristband and the ability to access a Fast Pass on one’s cell phone has turned into arguably a smartphone-dependent gauntlet for the technologically challenged. Put into overdrive by ...

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