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Disney’s New Song Will Be Parents’ “Let It Go”

A guy and two women surprisingly holding two magical balls

Walt Disney Animation Studios just dropped the entire soundtrack to its upcoming Wish movie, and it was hiding a stunningly beautiful song that seems to be written entirely for parents. Sorry kids! You had all the control when the Frozen (2013) phenomenon “Let It Go” was released, but now it’s time for parents to get to play a song on ...

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‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ Producer Passes Away, Aged 73

Randy Fullmer Dies

Walt Disney Studios animator and producer of films like The Emperor’s New Groove (2000) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Randy Fullmer, has passed away at 73. Credited with bridging the technological gap in animation between the 90s and ’00s, Fullmer’s artistic talents have been the driving force behind some of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ most beloved films. Randy Fullmer’s Legacy ...

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What Walt Disney Would Want You to Know About His Favorite Dining Spot 

Tam O'Shanter Table 31

With 200+ million dollar productions oiling the family entertainment machine that the Walt Disney Company has evolved into, it isn’t easy to imagine that most iconic films were sketched on a cocktail napkin. That’s right—the Roy E. Animation building may have housed some high-quality Disney brainstorming. Still, it’s not where Walt Disney and the original Imagineers dreamed up the magic ...

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Immersive Disney Experience Canceled Without Explanation

Immersive Disney Animation

Every Disney enthusiast has dreamed of stepping inside their favorite Disney films. Thanks to The Most Magical Place on Earth, Guests can imagine joining the herds of animals to watch Rafiki present Simba to the crowd, opening the gates with Anna and Elsa, and hopping on Aladdin’s magic carpet. While Guests show up in droves to Walt Disney World and ...

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Could Disney’s Upcoming ‘Wish’ Movie Achieve ‘Frozen’ Success?

Disney Wish movie success

The Walt Disney Company is not having its greatest year on record regarding box office profits. To be fair, it is arguably doing better than last year. However, high-profile films such as the live-action Little Mermaid and Pixar Studios’ Elemental failed to capture the attention of many fans that are skipping the theater experience and waiting for Disney+. With several Marvel projects ...

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Disney to Debut 28 Restored Classic Shorts Including Donald Duck’s ‘Chips Ahoy’

Chips Ahoy Donald Duck

Long before the nearly billion-dollar budget box office films, fans were enamored with Walt Disney Animation Studios’ classic shorts. Even young Disney fans can recognize Mickey Mouse whistling the tune “Steamboat Bill” from the symbolic Disney short from 1928: Steamboat Willie. Many of Disney’s classic animated characters were introduced in Walt Disney Animation shorts, and with “Disney 100” in full ...

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With So Many Live-Action Remakes, Analysts Wonder ‘Is Disney Out of Ideas?’

Is Disney out of Ideas

Stop me if you’ve heard this before; Disney is taking your favorite animated film and turning it into a live-action remake. So far, Disney has done it with Beauty and the Beast (2017), Lion King (2019), Pinocchio (2022), Little Mermaid (2023), and just announced this past week, Moana. And this list is only scratching the surface of the number of live-action remakes Disney ...

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Internet’s Favorite Boyfriend Joins This Upcoming Disney Movie

chris pine disney's wish

The phenomenon of the internet boyfriend is not new. A continuation of the age-old expression of celebrity crushes—which goes back to The Aeneid, which some argue is fan fiction in itself—the internet has revolutionized how fans express their love for their favorites: be that celebrities or entertainment giants. Few are as beloved as the Walt Disney Company, with the Mouse ...

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Does Disney Animators’ Union Plea Signal Incoming Layoffs?

Disney Animation Union

Disney’s Animation Production workers have made it clear that they want to unionize and force Disney to recognize their integration into The Animators Guild. But something tells me that a much-needed shakeup is beginning to happen within the walls of the Walt Disney Animation Studios campus. I got a feeling that the artists on all levels–especially those behind much of ...

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Bizarre Clue From Animated Movie Leaves Fans Bewildered


Back in the day, the scene from a movie that Ryan Reynolds blamed for “lifelong trauma” was probably the most famously-upsetting scene from an animated Disney movie — but these days, there is a more modern (and arguably just as upsetting) scene that gets more recognition. The animated Disney and Pixar movie Up, from 2009, has one of the most ...

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