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Disney Legend Defends Splash Mountain: “Nothing in the Ride Was Detrimental”

song of south splash mountain disney

Disney Legend and Walt Disney Imagineering’s former senior vice president of creative development, Tony Baxter, thinks Song of the South was worth saving. Song of the South and its Disney Parks ride, Splash Mountain, have been very controversial and have been the subject of many a debate among the Disney community. When the Walt Disney Company decided to remove Splash Mountain ...

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What Walt Disney Would Want You to Know About His Favorite Dining Spot 

Tam O'Shanter Table 31

With 200+ million dollar productions oiling the family entertainment machine that the Walt Disney Company has evolved into, it isn’t easy to imagine that most iconic films were sketched on a cocktail napkin. That’s right—the Roy E. Animation building may have housed some high-quality Disney brainstorming. Still, it’s not where Walt Disney and the original Imagineers dreamed up the magic ...

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Imagineer Personally Mourns Splash Mountain

tony baxter with friends at splash mountain and br'er rabbit warning sign about getting wet

It’s no secret that many Disney Fanatics have made quite a fuss about the permanent closure of the Splash Mountain ride in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park. Whether they’ve been selling containers of water for thousands of dollars with claims that it’s water from the classic ride’s two locations, frantically collecting Br’er Rabbit memorabilia, very foolishly drinking the ...

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Disney Welcomes Groundbreaking New Imagineer

walt disney imagineering logo and noodle the dog

Many hardcore Disney Fanatics are intimately familiar with the Imagineers who work behind the scenes on Disney rides or attractions in the famous department known as Walt Disney Imagineering. Some Imagineers have become iconic in the eyes of Disney fans — but now there is a whole new kind of Imagineer on the scene! In a Disney Parks Blog article ...

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Animal Kingdom Creator Misses 25th Anniversary Celebration

Joe Rohde Animal Kingdom

On Earth Day 2023, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park will celebrate its 25th Anniversary. However, the milestone birthday party will commence without the famous Imagineer who led its entire development. Retired Walt Disney Imagineer Joe Rhode took the creative lead on Disney World’s fourth Theme Park, taking expeditions all over the world and recruiting the finest people in zoology, his ...

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Fan Uses AI to Pitch Himself as a “Guest Imagineer”

artificial intelligence guest disney imagineer

Going to the Disney Parks is an experience that any Disney Fanatic would cherish. From the myriad rides and attractions in both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, like Space Mountain and “it’s a small world” in Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Park, there’s much for any Guest from any part of the world to enjoy at a Disney Resort. Disney fans ...

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Disney Announces Arctic Expedition With Former Imagineer

disney arctic expedition Joe Rohde

There are numerous kinds of Disney experiences one can enjoy. Whether that’s visiting the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort with their Theme Parks—think like Magic Kingdom Park or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park at the former or Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park at the latter—or a cruise with the Disney Cruise Line vessels like Disney Dream, ...

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Disney Park Ride Finally Opening After Years of Refurbishment

Disneyland Paris it's a small world reopening

It’s been closed for years, and Walt Disney Imagineering is finally ready to reopen it to the public! Originally created for the 1964 World’s Fair by Walt Disney, Mary Blair, and Rolly Crump and featuring an unforgettable song by Robert Sherman and Richard M. Sherman, “it’s a small world” has become a Disney Park staple. While the original can be found in ...

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