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Imagineer Personally Mourns Splash Mountain

tony baxter with friends at splash mountain and br'er rabbit warning sign about getting wet

It’s no secret that many Disney Fanatics have made quite a fuss about the permanent closure of the Splash Mountain ride in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park. Whether they’ve been selling containers of water for thousands of dollars with claims that it’s water from the classic ride’s two locations, frantically collecting Br’er Rabbit memorabilia, very foolishly drinking the ...

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Disney Welcomes Groundbreaking New Imagineer

walt disney imagineering logo and noodle the dog

Many hardcore Disney Fanatics are intimately familiar with the Imagineers who work behind the scenes on Disney rides or attractions in the famous department known as Walt Disney Imagineering. Some Imagineers have become iconic in the eyes of Disney fans — but now there is a whole new kind of Imagineer on the scene! In a Disney Parks Blog article ...

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Disney Imagineer Shares Thoughts on Villains Land Expansion

Villains Land Disney World Expansion

The future of Disney Parks appears to include bold plans of expansion, and one “blue sky” project appears to have more than just fans wishing that it come true. At the D23 Expo last September, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, Josh D’Amaro revealed what Walt Disney Imagineers call “Blue Sky” plans designed for possible expansion of Walt Disney ...

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Disney’s Imagineers Make Huge Progress On Highly-Anticipated Restaurant


If you ask Disney and Pixar fans to choose a favorite franchise, there will be plenty of discussion — but there will also be plenty of participants who choose Toy Story. The Toy Story movies have become staples in Disney-loving families’ homes, and childhood favorites for audiences who now classify themselves as Disney Adults — especially since Toy Story 5 is now on the ...

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Imagineers Implement Changes to Disney World’s Largest Parking Lot

EPCOT Changes

Progress continues at the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow, and while construction continues on Moana – Journey of Water and other projects in what was formerly known as “Future World,” changes are also happening outside of the Park gates, including the parking lot. Disney Parks shared that Disney World’s largest parking lot will be rethemed, with each parking zone being ...

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Former Disney Imagineer Sells Creations for Over $50,000

disney imagineer woodworking

A former Disney Imagineer who wasn’t quite done with the magic yet has built his business by selling to Disney fans willing to pay. Walt Disney Imagineers are the amazing minds behind the Disney Parks. Walt Disney Imagineering is responsible for the many wonderful rides and attractions Guests can enjoy in a Disney Theme Park. The celebrated group is celebrating its ...

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Discussion: Lack of New Attractions Due to Disney World Fans’ Complaints?

Disney Guests Complaints

For a Resort that is privileged to separate itself from its siblings with the name Disney World, many fans continue to argue that the Central Florida behemoth lacks the amazement of the smaller Disneylands around the world, especially when it comes to the attractions. While Disney World has The Haunted Mansion, Hong Kong Disneyland has Mystic Manor. Disney World might ...

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