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Lightning Completely Disables Disney Park

disney world animal kingdom storm

Even though many Disney Fanatics try to plan their Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort vacations meticulously — whether those obstacles might be a serious injury or a disruptive Youtuber — there a myriad of things that can go wrong. One particularly consistent disruption, that absolutely cannot be circumvented, is weather! Whether a Disney vacation is a rainy trip ...

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Disney World Guests Face Additional Danger Due to Extreme Heat

disney world heat advisory

There are plenty of hazards in Walt Disney World Resort — some of them being standard theme park fare, and some of them being more bizarre or unexpected — but Disney World visitors really do have one very specific hazard to be aware of this week during their Disney vacations! The National Weather Service in Melbourne, Florida has recently issued a ...

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Disney Guest Almost Struck By Lightning, Gets Unbelievable Photos

lightning walt disney world

Walt Disney World is used to seeing intense storms, but recently a Guest was almost struck by lightning but got away and captured some unbelievable photos. Many a Theme Park at the Walt Disney World Resort have seen a large amount of rain lately, and several attractions were even evacuated due to the weather conditions. It seems to be a ...

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Warm Weather Returning to Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Weather

Happy Monday, Disney Fanatics! It is looking to be another beautiful week at The Walt Disney World Resort outside of Orlando, Florida, and here’s the weather report to prove it: According to The Weather Channel, the week is going to start off rather cold, but the Theme Parks appear to finally start warming up after experiencing the coldest temperatures in ...

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