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“Cinderella Castle” Finally Reopens to Guests, Visitors After Months-Long Closure

Disney Cinderella Castle

After a more than 24-month-long closure, “Cinderella Castle” has finally reopened to eager guests and other visitors. Related: Disney Park Building Its Second Princess Castle, Set to Open Later in 2024 The Lure of the Disney Castle Each of Disney’s theme park resorts around the world features an iconic princess castle, and the lure of each castle is undeniable. While ...

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Zoom Through Disney’s History in Clever New Viral Video

Disneyland history

The Disneyland Resort in California is celebrating its 68th birthday this month. The iconic theme park is now very much a senior, but that hasn’t stopped it from continuing to be a thriving experience for guests. The Walt Disney Company is getting pretty creative with its festivities for the milestone. In fact, one video it uploaded to social media has ...

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Guests Repeatedly Sexually Assault Disney Princesses

Disney princess

One of the worst things about working in the service industry—as most cast members do—is that many times, guests feel entitled to that worker’s energy and sometimes even their personal space.  Because of this, many Disney Princesses who work in the parks have come out and shared that they have been groped or sexually assaulted by guests at the parks ...

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‘Go Back to Walt’s Original Vision’ but What Does That Look Like for Disney?

Legend Walt Disney

“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” This line comes from the John Ford western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), but it could easily apply to Walt Disney. Since his death in 1966, the man behind Mickey Mouse and Disney World has become a mythological legend, primarily through his own design and creation. During his lifetime, Walt ...

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Fans Shocked After Disney Adds Modern Update to Carousel of Progress

Disney Carousel Progress

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, a beloved attraction at Walt Disney World Resort, commemorates a momentous milestone as it reaches its 60th anniversary on April 22, 2024. This iconic attraction, steeped in history and innovation, continues to captivate visitors with its nostalgic journey through the evolution of technology and everyday life. Walt Disney’s visionary spirit is evident throughout the Carousel ...

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Walt Disney Was So Enamored With This Disney Legend, He Thought He Couldn’t Afford Her

Walt Disney Julie Andrews

Walt Disney is universally believed to have been a creative savant, frontrunner, and innovator in entertainment during his time. He pushed creative boundaries and redefined the film industry, and his vision for Disneyland continues to define the theme park industry today.  Walt Disney was also a creative genius who was recognized during his time, something that isn’t always the case ...

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Guest Steals From Fund Designated for Charity Donations at Disney Park

it's a small world disney

Despite its majestic facade, each Disney attraction has seen its share of unhinged behavior. This specific incident took place at Disneyland Park’s “it’s a small world” attraction. With multiple brawls breaking out at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, belligerent guests shutting down Casey’s Corner, and influencers live-streaming attractions like Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid, Cast Members can’t always ...

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CONFIRMED: Disneyland to Overhaul Walt’s Original Attraction

Walt Disney Cinderella Castle

If you’re going to visit Disneyland in order to see one of the final remaining elements of founder Walt Disney‘s vision for the theme park, you’d better hurry. One of the last original parts of the legendary park is being irrevocably changed as the company decides to, ironically, modernize Tomorrowland. Nearly a century ago, Walt Disney opened the original Disneyland ...

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Need to Cancel a Last-Minute Disney Dining Reservation? Here’s a Pro Tip!

Disney dining reservation system

Disney Dining Reservations are coveted among visiting guests…but things can happen, and sometimes we need to cancel our plans. Here’s the best way to cancel your Disney Dining Reservation without facing any consequences! The Walt Disney Company has a long and enduring reputation for providing the very best of the best in experiences for folks of all ages. And among ...

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