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2 Women That Had a Profound Influence on Walt Disney’s Life

Walt Disney

“Walt Disney was outnumbered by women in his household. His beloved wife, ‘Lillian’, his two daughters even the family dog was a female. All the while grumbling good-naturedly, it appears Walt enjoyed being outnumbered by the ladies. In “Walt Disney: An American Original”, by Bob Thomas, the author writes, “He appreciated femininity, and he liked to play the role of ...

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3 Reasons Why Disney World Is The Most Magical Place On Earth

Despite crowds, the relentless travel woes to get here, the packing and unpacking, Disney is one of my favorite spots in the whole world.  How does Disney do it?  It all started with the vision of one man, Walt Disney, who believed that dreams can actually come true.  But what’s the recipe for making an imaginary world from cartoons come to ...

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