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Controversial Influencer Arrested at Universal Orlando Resort, Update Given

YouTube Influencer

A popular YouTuber has been arrested at Universal Studios after filming a video at the popular theme park. The topic of YouTubers at theme parks has long been controversial. While the vast majority cause no harm by creating entertaining content on property, a handful have generated drama in the past by behaving badly on property, or having a negative impact ...

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New ‘Bluey’ Trades Disney+ For Free Platform

Bluey Character

If you have kids, family members with offspring, or a Disney+ subscription, you undoubtedly know the name “Bluey.” The cartoon dog that could has dominated Disney+ for years now, and remains one of the most-watched programs on the magical streaming platform. However, that might soon change with the new “minisodes.” As thrilling as it is to know that we are ...

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YouTube Slaps Age Restrictions On Catholic League Disney Documentary

walt's disenchanted kingdom

The chorus of “disenchanted” voices with Disney has been ever-increasing over the last few years. While some have been unhappy with the state of the Disney Parks—with constant ride breakdowns, constant price increases, and lack of maintenance painting the Parks in an unhappy light. At the same time, Disney has also been under fire for becoming too “woke” and leaving ...

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Videos from Amazing Creators for Every Disney Fan

There is no shortage of official Disney content from Walt Disney Studios and Disney Parks Blog on social media and entertainment platforms like YouTube. But there are also creative, hardworking commentators and creators who make content about Disney independently. These are just a few of these creators who make this kind of content all the time and rely on viewers ...

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Couture Fashion Designer Creates Disney Original Dresses and Costumes For His Family!

Designer Cinderella Dress

This talented designer dad designs the most adorable Disney costumes for his kids. He was a couture designer and decided to start creating beautiful costumes for his family. The dresses he makes for his daughter are incredible – including Cinderella’s wedding gown, Belle’s blue and gold dresses and more! Wait until you see the little details he works into these ...

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