This Disney Channel Star Has A Bathroom You Have To See To Believe

Vanessa Hudgen's cave bathroom. Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

As autumn settles in and winter begins its approach, many Disney fanatics will be drawn to cozy blankets, comforting drinks, and warm baths. If you need advice on how to pull off the most hygge bath experience ever, then Disney Channel actress and Broadway star Vanessa Hudgens is definitely the one to ask! The actress (who most Disney fans or Marvel fans will typically recognize as Gabriella Montez from the High School Musical movies or the princesses in The Princess Switch Christmas movies) just did a long and unexpectedly intimate tour of her incredible home with Architectural Digest. You can see the video of the tour here! While Vanessa’s entire home is something special (with lots of greenery, books, earth tones, vintage decor, obscure abstract paintings, dramatic stucco archways, fruit trees, stonework, and Teen Choice Awards), there’s one particular room that has immediately become a fan favorite, and it’s the upstairs bathroom. Vanessa put a lot of input into the full-on renovation of this room, with the express desire that the end result would quite literally be “a sexy cave“, and it’s become one of her favorite rooms in her 5 million dollar house!

bathroom vanessa hudgens jake arnold

Vanessa Hudgen’s bathroom sinks. Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

“When I’m in L.A., the first night that I’m home, I take a bath,” Vanessa told Architectural Digest in the interview that accompanied the tour. “It’s nice to know that when I get home, I’ll have a bath waiting for me…I always savor that first soak.” Rustic touches like wooden handles in the shower and Waterworks brass piping made the bathroom feel “grounded” like a warm caveman area, instead of a futuristic space pod. With her self-proclaimed love of candlesticks and the muted but warm tones of the space, Vanessa has made a bathroom that feels like a Gothic vampire spa retreat! “Jake [Arnold] came with a couple of suggestions for the primary bed and bath, but for some reason, I gravitated towards the cave vibe,” Hudgens explained. “I fell in love with the idea of sitting in this deep, ceramic bathtub with the windows open, hearing the French music outside waft up through the windows, watching the candlesticks burn.”


Vanessa Hudgen’s bathroom. Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

This unique bathroom didn’t come easily or cheap, however. “I hired Jake Arnold to do the remodel of the primary suite because it was a lot,” Vanessa said in the above interview. “The bathroom had to be moved, we had to knock down walls. I wanted to make sure that what I was doing would add to the history. I think there’s a beauty to homes that have been passed down, that have marks from previous residents.”

While you might not have your own “ceramic, egg-shaped Native Trails tub” or your own private little Tuscan and French-style orchard to admire from your bath, you can still take some of Vanessa’s bathroom style into your own spa experience by adding lots of dark accents (such as rugs or towels), classical music, moody flower bouquets, and long candlesticks! Vanessa is also a co-founder of Know Beauty, a new skincare brand that creates a personalized skincare routine for customers after they take a very detailed quiz. You can see her own simple skincare routine in the video below — and see some glimpses of her tiled cave shower in the background! What do you think of Vanessa Hudgen’s one-of-a-kind Gothic cave bath?

bathroom vanessa hudgens

Vanessa Hudgen and her dog, Darla, in their cave bathroom. Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

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