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Be Our Guest
Credit: Disney

Riding rides, meeting characters, and seeing shows are all fantastic ways to enjoy your time in Disney World. That said, Disney World just wouldn’t be Disney World without Disney food. If you’ve never been to the Disney parks, you might be wondering why in the world we feel this way about theme park food. After all, theme parks don’t serve much more than burgers, nuggets, and fries, right? Wrong! The Disney parks serve up so many more options. In fact, many of their restaurants are so good, we end up returning to them time and time again, and we have a hard time waiting to enjoy their delicious goodies between visits.


Clearly, with food this good, meals are a big deal in Disney World. This means you’ll want to carefully pick and choose where you eat in order to ensure you get the best possible options every time you eat. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite restaurants in the Disney World Parks. It wasn’t easy to do, but we narrowed the options down to our favorite quick-service and table-service eateries in each park. Choose from these options and you’ll definitely be eating well throughout your vacation.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is the oldest of the four parks. It’s also home to the most attractions and many delicious eateries. For this reason, many people choose to spend at least two full vacation days in this park in order to see, do, and taste everything. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to spend two days in a single park. Therefore, we stuck to our guns and chose only two restaurants, meaning you can enjoy one for lunch and one for dinner and know you’ve tried the best food the park has to offer.

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1. Top Quick-Service: Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn & Cafe

If you’re a fan of Tex-Mex food, you’re going to enjoy Pecos Bill’s. The fajitas here are surprisingly delicious, and the fact that there is a burger option for the pickier eaters and vegetarian options for those who avoid meat is a major bonus. Of course, everyone will enjoy the mini churros with chocolate dipping sauce.

Pecos Bill

2. Top Table-Service: Be Our Guest

An absolutely gorgeous restaurant, Be Our Guest allows you to actually step into the Beast’s castle. Diners might enjoy their meal in the ballroom (where snow is falling outside the windows), the west wing (complete with the magic rose), or the music box room (featuring tons of gorgeous Beauty and the Beast artwork). The French-inspired menu here is fantastic, and the fact that the Beast visits during each meal makes it all even better.


Easily the best place to have a meal in all of Disney World, Epcot is home to dozens of yummy restaurants. Because this park also plays host to the World Showcase, many of these eateries feature international cuisine, making for some unique and memorable meals that are leaps and bounds better than any burger or hot dog might be. After trying every single restaurant in Epcot, we were able to choose our top two. That said, there are tons of great options, so if you have a chance to try more eateries in this wonderful park, you will definitely want to take advantage.

1. Top Quick-Service: Regal Eagle Smokehouse

The newest restaurant in Epcot, Regal Eagle Smokehouse is a wonderful place to grab some yummy barbecue at a great price. We love that this eatery features different kinds of barbecue sauce to spice up your chicken, pork, or beef, and the draft beers and delicious sides round out this excellent meal.

Credit: Disney

2. Top Table-Service: Le Cellier Steakhouse

Le Cellier has maintained the top spot on our Epcot table-service list for years. The place is cozy yet classy, and the menu is absolutely incredible. Can’t decide what to order? We highly recommend the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup as an appetizer, and any of the steaks will make a perfect entrée.

Le Cellier
Le Cellier

Hollywood Studios

For a long time, Hollywood Studios was a bit of a dud when it came to quick-service food. Fortunately, some of their quick-service spots have improved recently, and a few new ones have been added. Since the park already had a few yummy table-service joints, this puts Hollywood Studios on a level playing field with other parks when it comes to dining. The two options below are our favorites in Hollywood Studios. Be sure to make time for them during your day in the park. 

1. Top Quick-Service: ABC Commissary

Oddly enough, ABC Commissary took the quick-service spot for Hollywood studios. And why is this odd? Because the eatery was always our last pick in years past. However, the place has definitely upped its game recently, and now everything on the menu is worth ordering. We love the variety on the menu here, and because it’s all tasty, it really makes up for the lackluster theming. (We should mention that Woody’s Lunch Box came in at a close second place, and the only reason it didn’t win was because they don’t have indoor seating available.)

ABC Commissary
Photo Credit: Disney.

2. Top Table-Service: 50’s Prime Time Café

As mentioned before, Hollywood Studios has always done table-service well, and 50’s Prime Time Café has always been one of our favorites. This fun, retro-styled eatery allows you to take a step back in time by placing you in a 1950s home and serving you a delicious home-style meal. The waitstaff gets in on the fun by posing as various “family members” and reminding you to eat your veggies and keep your elbows off the table.

Prime Time Cafe

Animal Kingdom

Finally, there is Animal Kingdom. This park has several unique dining options, including a couple of our favorite quick-service locations on property. Because of this, we highly recommend taking the time to sit down out of the sunlight and enjoy a couple of meals while visiting Animal Kingdom.

1. Top Quick-Service: Satu’li Canteen

While we do love the ever-popular Flame Tree Barbecue, Satu’li Canteen has equally good food, and in the end, it won this spot because of its fun theme and indoor seating. We love that this spot allows us to take a break from the heat and take advantage of the plentiful seating while we enjoy a custom rice, quinoa, potato, or salad bowl and enjoy the Na’vi art that adorns the dining room.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse
Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog

2. Top Table-Service: Yak and Yeti Restaurant

For Animal Kingdom table-service, we had to choose Yak and Yeti Restaurant. This is a tasty, Asian-inspired eatery with such food options as Korean Barbecue Ribs, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Pork Pot Stickers. The story goes that the restaurant is a part of a hotel situated at the base of Mount Everest, and the furniture is a collection of mismatched artifacts collected by the owner of the hotel during his travels throughout Asia.

Honey Chicken

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