Monorail Epcot
Credit: Disney

Epcot Touring Plan for a One Day Visit


Epcot is a large park with quite a bit to do, which can make it seem like a daunting task to have to see it all in one day. However, having a plan in place will ensure you hit all of the attractions you want to do without feeling pressed for time. Even if you’re not a planning sort of person, having a general idea of the way you’d like the day to go will make the whole day more enjoyable. Here is a plan for how to tackle Epcot in one day:

1. Arrive when the park opens.

If you want to explore both sections of Epcot, Future World and the World Showcase, arriving at park open is crucial. Future World usually opens 2 hours before the World Showcase, which gives you plenty of time to explore the different attractions in Future World.

2. Make dinner plans.

There are SO many choices as far as food when you’re in Epcot, and if there is a festival going on during your trip you have even more options. Deciding where you want to eat ahead of time and making reservations, if necessary, will save you so much time. Some of the best restaurants are located within the World Showcase and reservations are highly recommended.

3. Check the weather

Epcot has a lot of open space throughout the park, which can be a bummer when there’s inclement weather. However, the majority of the attractions are indoors, which means you will be able to stay dry throughout most of the day. If it’s really hot, you can also escape to some indoor attractions to keep cool.

4. Decide if you want to see IllumiNations.

IllumiNations is the nighttime show at Epcot that takes place right at park close. While the show is beautiful, that time could be used to hit up one more attraction before you exit the park. Frozen Ever After, the newest ride at Epcot, has a long line throughout most of the day, but if you hit it right when the park is closing your wait time will be considerably less. If you don’t mind missing the fireworks, try squeezing in a ride. Or, try getting in line an hour before park close so you can still see the fireworks.

5. Check out the live entertainment!

I am a sucker for live entertainment, and Epcot certainly has a decent lineup. On most days, you can see American Music Machine and the Voices of Liberty in the World Showcase. Obviously, like with any other experience, this means carving out a bit of time from your day to fit it in. Thankfully, you’re able to see their set times in advance and choose which time would work best with whatever else you have planned for the day.

6. Make FastPass+ reservations in advance.

You are able to select three FastPass+ experiences per day, and I highly recommend you do so! This will ensure you get to experience at least three attractions during the day. There are only a few rides that get a very long wait on most days, so it’s highly likely you’ll be able to experience everything you want to.


7. Make a FastPass+ reservation for Soarin’ or Test Track.

These two attractions are the most popular in Epcot, which is why you are only allowed to make a FastPass+ for one of them. They both have long lines, so don’t make that a factor in your decision. Soarin’ does have a fun queue set up where you can play trivia on your phone with the other people waiting in line, which makes the line go a lot faster. Test Track has some interactive elements, but not on the same level as Soarin’. I would probably choose to schedule a FastPass+ for Test Track and hit Soarin’ early in the morning when it first opens.

It’s entirely possible to see and experience all of the great things Epcot has to offer in one day, as long as you are prepared to hustle from attraction to attraction! With that being said, there is always time to slow down and take everything in—Epcot is one of the prettiest and aesthetically pleasing Disney parks, after all. Make a plan, but don’t worry if it doesn’t go exactly as you’d hope. You’re bound to have tons of fun no matter what!