Walt Disney World’s Most Underrated Attractions

Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid

It’s no secret that Disney World is full of some pretty spectacular rides. Many of these rides are plenty appreciated by park-goers, and some might even be a little overhyped. That said, there are plenty of other wonderful attractions that don’t get the attention they deserve. These underrated attractions are often skipped over by guests, and in some cases, there are people who don’t even realize certain rides on the list exist. Obviously, you want to get the most out of your time in Disney World, and part of that is definitely riding those headliner attractions. However, I also highly recommend that you make a point of stopping in at these underrated attractions we’ve listed below to see how you like them.

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1. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

This is an adorable dark ride that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Disney. It includes an immersive queue, beloved characters, great animatronics, catchy Disney music, lots of color, awesome storytelling, and pretty much anything else you could want from a Disney ride. Unfortunately, the ride catches a lot of flack from those who were hoping for more after a long construction process, as well as those who were disappointed the ride is identical to the one in Anaheim’s Disneyland. I love it though, and I ride it every time I visit.

Little Mermaid

2. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

Nothing could be more “Disney” than an attraction created by Walt Disney himself, and that is exactly what the Carousel of Progress is. No, this isn’t a thrill ride with all the latest and greatest technology. What it is is a fun little journey through time, as well as a blast from the past that fulfills our need for Disney nostalgia (and gives us a nice break in the air conditioning to boot).

Carousel Of Progress
Carousel of Progress

3. Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Speaking of nice breaks in the air conditioning, PhilharMagic is another attraction that we think is underrated. This super cool 4D show incorporates classic Disney characters and takes guests on a journey through several classic films. I love that it includes many of my favorite characters, and that the 3D screens and smell effects make me feel like I’m actually in the movie. I also love that this attraction rarely has a wait and gets me out of the hot Florida sun for a bit.


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4. Toy Story Mania

I get it, with the two new rides in Toy Story land, Toy Story Mania is no longer the center of attention. That said, this is still a fantastic ride that is often completely looked over by those doing a mad dash to Slinky Dog Dash. Don’t be like those people. Take the time to ride this super fun and interactive 4D ride. You won’t regret it!

5. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Similar to what is happening in Toy Story Land, we also see many people skipping over Star Tours, opting to ride the new Smuggler’s Run instead. Don’t get me wrong, Smuggler’s Run is a fantastic ride and definitely a must-do, but Star Tours is still perfectly relevant and well worth riding in addition to Smuggler’s Run. After all, who doesn’t want all of the Star Wars they can get?

Star Tours

6. Dinosaur

The Dinosaur ride is a fantastic example of Disney storytelling. The queue leading up to the ride takes guests through the fictional Dino Institute. There, they discover they will have the privilege of riding a “time rover” back in time to the days of the dinosaurs. Once you board your rover, you are transported to the late Cretaceous and get to go on an awesome dino adventure. Now, I will say that this ride isn’t usually one that is usually skipped over completely, but I do feel like many people fail to appreciate the attention to detail put into this attraction. Perhaps these individuals aren’t paying enough attention while going through the queue, or maybe there’s just too much going on to notice the incredible detail on a first ride through, but this is one that is definitely underrated in my opinion.


7. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

To be fair, Gran Fiesta Tour is very hidden away inside of the pyramid in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion. This is likely why many guests walk right by without even knowing a ride exists in the pavilion. This is unfortunate however, as the ride is actually quite cute and is especially fun for fans of Donald Duck. It also hardly ever has any wait at all, and because it’s in the pyramid, the whole experience is nice and cool.

Credit: Disney

8. Living with the Land

Another Epcot attraction that I feel doesn’t get enough attention is Living with the Land. This is a seriously cool boat ride that almost feels like two rides in one. The first half is a dark ride that takes guests through a number of different nature scenes and more. Meanwhile, the second half takes you through the park’s active greenhouses, where you can see loads of fruits and vegetables actually being grown for use right there in The Land Pavilion’s restaurants. Both sections are educational while also keeping the element of entertainment. This is also another one that is located inside of a building, meaning no sunlight during your wait, which is likely to be under 15 minutes anyway.

Living With The Land

9. The Sea with Nemo and Friends

The final attraction on our list is yet another Epcot attraction. The Seas with Nemo and Friends is an absolutely adorable dark ride that takes guests under the ocean as they go on an adventure to find Nemo. Toward the end of the ride, it even incorporates real ocean creatures alongside characters from Finding Nemo, a touch I think is fantastic. Oddly, this ride very rarely has any sort of line despite how cute and fun it is.

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