Disney Christmas IQ

What’s Your Disney Christmas Movie IQ? Quiz Key

1. In ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’ what is the name of the girl that Scrooge almost married: Isabelle

2. Who plays the Ghost of Christmas Present in ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’? Willie the Giant (‘Mickey and the Beanstalk’)

3. In “Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too” – What gift does Rabbit ask for in his letter to Santa? A Fly Swatter

4. In “Donald Duck Stuck On Christmas” – What wish do Huey, Dewey and Louie wish for? That it would be Christmas every day

5. Who plays Mr. Fezziwig, Scrooge’s former boss in ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’? Mr. Toad (‘The Wind in the Willows’)

6. In what year was “The Night Before Christmas” special released? 1933

7. In the short film “Pluto’s Christmas Tree”, what two Disney characters were living inside the tree that Mickey chose and chopped down for Christmas? Chip & Dale

8. Who plays the ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’ in Mickey’s Christmas Carol? Jiminy Cricket

9. In “Mickey & Minnie’s Gift of the Magi” – What does Mickey trade for Minnie’s Christmas gift? A Harmonica

10. What’s the closing line of ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’? “God bless us every one!”

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