10 Amazing Facts Behind the Scenes at Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safari Elephants

5) Unseen barriers

Disney does an incredible job at disguising the many barriers separating park visitors from some of the seemingly free-roaming animal residents. In fact, most don’t even realize there are barriers at all, as the natural setting and surrounding structures are very discretely placed. From camouflaged fences, hidden moats, and other creative structuring, the underlining containment methods in effect are subtle as to not take away from the viewing pleasure of guests while maintaining Disney’s commitment to safety for all. Even the placement of certain in-habitat features work to contain the resident animals, like placing salt licks and other food replenishment sources in particular areas optimal for visitors to see from a safe distance. There are even air-conditioned rocks for the lions, providing a comfortable lounging for them and better views for guests on safari.

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