“Creepy Frequent Flyer” Moves In On Aladdin’s Girl at Disney World

adults hugging disney world characters

Recently, a forty-year-old man was stopped from hugging Princess Jasmine at Disney World, leading many to question his intentions at the parks. Any Disney fan will attest to how magical and wonderful a Disney vacation is for guests from all around the world. A Disney theme park visit is fairly singular and spectacular in what it offers to visitors. From enthralling ...

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ANSWERS to Frequently Asked Disney Questions

disney world burning questions

Inspired by the hilarious and fun WIRED autocomplete interviews that have taken over the internet, this writer did a deep dive into some burning questions the internet has about the Walt Disney World Resort. The Walt Disney World Resort, frequently hailed as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” lives up to its reputation with an array of enchanting attractions and ...

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Disney Has Big Expansion Plans, But Neighbors Hit Them With NIMBY

Storm clouds over Disneyland

The Walt Disney Company has some big plans to expand every theme park across the globe. Sixty billion dollars will allow them to expand every theme park they own. At the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida, Disney has already announced the “largest expansion” in the Magic Kingdom’s history, as well as an expansion project for Disney’s Animal Kingdom ...

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Disney Needs to Pay More Attention to the “Threat In Its Backyard”

universal disney threat

According to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, Disney needs to pay much more attention to the threat sitting pretty in its backyard. With the recent developments from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, some believe that they could not only give the Mouse House a run for its money but could also easily outrun the Walt Disney Company ...

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Ex-Disney Cast Member Warns Guests of “Red Flags”

Disney Crowd Red Flag

When you are a Cast Member at a Disney Park, you deal with all different kinds of people on a day-to-day basis. While some guests are a pleasure for Cast Members to serve, others make the job a lot less magical. Former Disney Cast Member and Tiktoker @dappermanatee has taken to the internet to share his biggest “red flags” about guests ...

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