Is Another Cartoon Rabbit Being Removed from His Disney Park?

Roger Rabbit Disneyland

Just a few days after Splash Mountain closed at Walt Disney World Resort, evicting Br’er Rabbit and all his plans from their Frontierland home, and it appears that Walt Disney Imagineers are slowly removing yet another Disney rabbit from his own themed land. Over at Disneyland Park in Southern California, Mickey’s Toontown reopened to the public after an extensive closure ...

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Disney Fans Speak Out Against Theme Park Reservations Again

Disney Theme Park Reservation System

Whether or not these were executive decisions from Bob Iger or not, there have appeared to be a lot of changes happening at Disney Parks since he took the reigns back from now-former Disney CEO Bob Chapek. But one change that fans continue to demand is the elimination of the detested Theme Park Reservation System. Ever since Disney World and ...

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Two Disney Franchises Clash After Shocking Upset


We already knew that there was going to be a lot of hype and anticipation around the Avatar sequel, since it was over a decade in the making, since James Cameron has put an endless amount of detail into the world of Pandora and the Na’vi, and since A-list celebrity actors like Kate Winslet joined the cast. Now that the movie has ...

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Father Stuns Audience With Surprise Performance At Disney Resort


These days, Disney discontent often seems to be replacing Disney magic — especially when it comes to Disney Park or Disney Resort Guests, who have been misbehaving, trespassing, fistfighting, or harassing already-beleaguered Cast Members on unprecedented levels. However, there was one very significant occasion in recent years when a Disney Guest brought a bit of Disney magic — and positivity ...

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Splash Mountain Logs Spotted Being Removed from Ride

Splash Mountain Transformation

The transformation of Disney’s Splash Mountain appears to be moving speedily along at The Walt Disney World Resort, as just days after Frontierland’s landmark attraction closed its doors, the ride vehicles were spotted being removed from the attraction for reasons not yet clear. For around 30 years, Disney World Guests boarded the eight-person logs and were whisked away to the ...

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Is Disney Being Hypocritical When It Comes to Abuse?

Johnny Depp Will Smith

Last week, it was reported that Will Smith was returning to work with the Walt Disney Company on a sequel to the hit live-action film, Aladdin, which premiered in 2019. In that film, Will had taken the Genie — made into an iconic character by comedic genius Robin Williams — and made it his own, earning praise from fans. However, Smith’s ...

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“TERRIBLE”: Fans Frustrated at Parents Ruining Disney Experience

disneyland parents ruining

Disney adults are making their voices known again, exclaiming their frustration at parents bringing infants to Disney Parks. Disney adults have been in the news time and again for a variety of reasons. Many times, fellow Disney fans on the internet call them out for what they perceive to be unnecessary behavior, other times, it’s because they share either magical ...

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Beloved Disney World Establishment Closing Soon. Here’s What We Know.

trail's end closing

The beloved Walt Disney World establishment, Trail’s End in Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, will be closing for refurbishment soon. The Walt Disney World Resort is one of the top locations for a Disney vacation. With four Theme Parks that Guests from all over the world love to frequent, the Disney Resort has many wonderful establishments that Guests enjoy immensely. One ...

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Whoopi Goldberg Wants Disney to Bring Back ‘Song of the South’

song of the south whoopi goldberg

More and more voices are coming to the surface, asking Disney to bring back the ever-controversial Song of the South. After Splash Mountain’s closure in Walt Disney World Resort at the end of last week, the unfortunately controversial ride and the movie that inspired it have been in the news consistently. Fans are still mourning the loss of many of ...

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Artist Creates Hilarious “Realistic” Versions of The Disney Princesses


Everyone loves the beloved characters known as Disney princesses — even if some of them are not technically Disney princesses, but instead Disney heroines or female protagonists — but because the Disney princesses are often portrayed as perfect, graceful examples of decorum (especially the more classic princesses like Snow White), it can also be tempting to mock the heroines or ...

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