Daily Jigsaw Puzzle: Disney’s Barnstormer Poster

A promotional image for a daily jigsaw puzzle featuring the Barnstormer ride poster at Magic Kingdom. The backdrop includes a partially completed jigsaw puzzle with a Barnstormer poster depicting a cartoon character on a roller coaster surrounded by vibrant colors.

If you’re a fan of Disney and puzzles, you’ve come to the right place! This puzzle is inspired by The Barnstorm attraction located at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park. Quick Tip: Do you want to make the puzzle easier or more challenging? Select the grid option to adjust the number of pieces before pressing “OK” to start the puzzle. ...

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Disney Officially Rejects, Changes Course on 87-Year-Old Classic Princess Legacy

Snow White Face

The Walt Disney Company will be moving away from a classic but long-contested component of its 100-year legacy. When Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) debuted 87 years ago, it marked the House of Mouse’s first foray into feature film creation. The success of Disney’s first princess has since spawned over 60 animated classics in the ongoing canon, establishing ...

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Father Reportedly Interferes With Lifeguard Rescue at Disney World, Risks Daughter’s Life

disney world lifeguard rescue

A father allegedly took matters into his own hands during a lifeguard rescue, endangering his child’s life at Walt Disney World Resort’s water park Blizzard Beach. If guests can agree on one thing about the Disney parks, it’s the rigorous training that all cast members have to undergo to be allowed to serve park visitors and park-goers. From their initiation ...

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Confirmed: Iconic Show ‘Yellowstone’ Has Been Cut, Series Prematurely Canceled

Kevin Costner Yellowstone Sky

Kevin Costner just dropped a bombshell on the future of the Yellowstone franchise and his involvement with the show. The Yellowstone franchise has emerged as a significant force in modern television, captivating viewers with its intense depiction of the Dutton family’s efforts to maintain their expansive Montana ranch amid rising tensions with land developers, Native American tribes, and rival factions. ...

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Guests Demand Changes to Space Mountain

Johnny Depp and Space Mountain

Walt Disney World Resort is home to the most iconic rides of all time. Even people who have never visited the theme park resort have at least heard of its famous attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion. Disney rides have become engrained so much in pop culture that their name is synonymous with ...

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Report: ‘High School Musical’ Revival a Disney Priority, May Save Struggling Streaming Service

High School Musical

Get ready to go back to high school – rumor has it that Disney wants to revive one of its most iconic musical franchises from the 2000s. If there’s one thing Disney loves, it’s a sequel. Over the past few decades, we’ve seen it produce sequels of varying caliber across all of its tentpoles. For every Toy Story 3 (2010) or Guardians ...

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Disney’s “Woke” ‘Snow White’ Shelved After Conflict, New Movie Takes Its Place

Snow White Live Action

New developments have given a window into Disney’s controversial Snow White film starring Rachel Zegler and its detractors. In a bold move against Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Snow White, the conservative platform The Daily Wire previously announced its own version of the classic tale back in October of 2023. Starring Brett Cooper, known for her conservative podcast The Comments ...

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Official ‘Bluey’ LEGO Project Enters Development Phase

Lego Bluey

Since gracing our screens and capturing our hearts, Bluey has been around the world and back again. She’s had a stage show, a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon, and now Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of the Heeler clan are set to enter the world of LEGO. It’s truly an accomplishment when a piece of pop culture like Star Wars, Marvel, Harry ...

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REVEALED: Guests Seek Answers for Strange Noises Coming From Disney Attraction

Disney Attraction

Magical as any Disney Park may be, there are occasionally strange things that happen while enjoying the Disney experience, and recently guests sought answers for one such occurrence. Going to the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort is universally accepted to be one of the best ways to enjoy the Disney experience. From incredible rides and attractions on ...

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Tim Allen’s Buzz Lightyear Officially Removed From Disney Park

Tim Allen Disney Park

It’s to infinity and beyond for our favorite space ranger, Buzz Lightyear. The Toy Story franchise stands as a monumental success story in the realm of animated films, captivating audiences of all ages with its heartwarming narratives and beloved characters. Since its inception in 1995, the franchise has not only garnered critical acclaim but has also achieved remarkable financial success, ...

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