Writers Guild Reaches Deal to End Historic Strike

Writers Guild tentative deal

On May 2, 2023, the entertainment industry hit a major bump in the road. The Writers Guild — which has more than 11,000 members — announced that its writers were officially on strike. That meant that nearly every major Hollywood production was forced to a halt as the writers hit the picket lines. Among the Guild’s major issues were the ...

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Disney Quietly Removes Popular Streaming Feature

Disney Plus Removes GroupWatch

In November 2019, The Walt Disney Company introduced the ultimate way for fans to be able to watch all of their favorite Disney films and television shows in one place — Disney+. Disney+ not only has classic Disney movies and shows, but there is also a lot of fun original programming. The streaming platform exploded, especially a few months later, ...

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Family JUMPS OFF Space Mountain, Shocking Guests

Family Jumps Off Space Mountain

Tens of thousands of people visit a Disney theme park every day, so it goes without saying that Disney’s rides and attractions experience a lot of wear and tear. And the more complicated the attraction, the more Disney cast members and crews have to keep an eye on them. The same can also be said for the older attractions as ...

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The Enormous Scale of Disney World Will Blow Your Mind

The mind-blowing scale of Disney World

East Coasters who make the pilgrimage to Disneyland in California will find the walkability of the park to be strange compared to Walt Disney World in Central Florida. Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and all the hotels are within one walkable area. But when you head to Disney World, the property’s sheer size is mindblowing. When Walt Disney bought ...

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After Languishing All Summer, Disney World Hopes Fall Brings Back the Guests

Disney World hopes fall brings back the guests

It’s Pumpkin Spice season, A.K.A. fall. It’s that time of year when you start to bust out your flannels and ingest those oddly flavored pumpkin things. You can find everything from body wash to trash bags in a pumpkin spice scent, but there’s always Starbucks for those craving even more. Admittedly, most companies started rolling out their fall flavors in ...

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Theme Park Guest Shows Disney What “True Representation” Looks Like

disneyland indian princess

A Disneyland guest dressed up as an Indian princess when she went to the Disney Parks to show Disney what “true representation” looks like. The Walt Disney Company has been criticized left, right, and center when it comes to the topic of representation. On one hand, some believe that Disney is not doing enough for representation, on the other hand, ...

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After Disney Cost DeSantis His Billionaire Donor, He Tries to Claw Back Some Respect

DeSantis responds to billionaire donor criticism over Disney

Just when things look like they’ve hit rock bottom for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, he finds a new floor. A recent poll from CNN/University of New Hampshire shows that Governor DeSantis has fallen into third place in the Granite State behind former president Donald Trump and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. ...

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Disney’s ‘Snow White’ Is in a $340 Million Hole, and It Hasn’t Even Been Released Yet

'Snow White' needs a huge payday just to break even

Live-action Snow White remake. The movie’s title is enough to send readers to their keyboards with an opinion. The movie hasn’t even been released yet and won’t be for another six months, but everyone seems to have an opinion on the film. The drastic changes the Walt Disney Company has made to the film have caused outrage among diehard Disney fans, and ...

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Sirens Blare as Guests Forced to Evacuate Disney Resort in the Middle of the Night

Disney Pop Century evacuation

Disney theme parks are known for their hospitality and amazingly themed hotels. However, not every experience can be a guaranteed comfortable stay. Recently, hundreds of guests were forced to evacuate one Walt Disney World hotel in the middle of the night due to blaring sirens and first responders heading to the scene. Disney’s Pop Century Resort Appeal Disney’s Pop Century ...

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