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Priyanka is a writer, artist, avid reader, and travel enthusiast based in Chicago. In her free time, she is probably walking by the lake, catching up on the latest releases on TV, or spending inordinate amounts of time rewatching Moana, Encanto, and her Disney Channel life-long favorites Zack and Cody wreak havoc on the Tipton.

After Amazing Day at Disney World, “Horrendous” Injury Jeopardizes Guest’s Trip

guest injury disney world

A Disney World guest’s vacation came under jeopardy recently when a flare-up of their old injury threatened to end the holiday early. Going to the Walt Disney World Resort is universally agreed upon to be one of the best ways to enjoy the Disney experience. With myriad rides and attractions, the Central Florida Disney resort is a highly sought-after vacation. ...

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Disney Isn’t Worried About City Restrictions, Touts Another Disney Park in Area

disneyland anaheim california

Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro recently shared some interesting news about the possibility of Disneyland expanding in California. The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are universally agreed upon as some of the best places in the world to enjoy a Disney vacation. Either Disney resort is filled with myriad rides and attractions (think like Haunted Mansion or ...

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Musk Might Be Cussing Disney Out, But Bob Iger Couldn’t Care Less

bob iger elon musk disney

Elon Musk’s recent comments do not help his case and will likely just sour relations with the Mouse House more, especially with the Walt Disney Company needing to distance itself from controversy. Disney has always been an image-conscious company. They have proven this time and again when it comes to how quickly they will cut ties with any actor, singer, ...

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Bob Iger Wants Employees To Be Optimistic About Disney’s Future, but Many Are Skeptical

bob iger disney town hall

In a recent town hall, the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, did his best to instill optimism in employees, but they didn’t bite. The Walt Disney Company has recently entered a new era of building. That’s what Robert Iger (Bob Iger), its long-lasting CEO, communicated at the most recent earnings call. Of course, it’s also worth noting ...

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History Repeats Itself: Critics Warn Disney is “Rotting From the Head Down”

disney major business problems

With the incredibly tumultuous year that Disney has had in 2023, some have drawn parallels to what happened in the company’s past, citing its “history of corporate drama” as one of the reasons the Mouse House is failing. The Walt Disney Company has not had it easy for the last few years, but particularly in 2023. The Mouse House, initially ...

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Done with DeSantis! Lawmaker Proposes to Terminate Florida Governor’s Disney Dreams

reedy creek disney desantis

It’s been only a few months of having DeSantis’s hand-picked board at the helm of the Central Florida Tourism District, and some are already over and done with them—so much so that one Florida lawmaker is soon going to formally propose to bring Disney back and put an end to DeSantis’s Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board. The battle that ...

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Rival Ups the Ante: Beats Out Disney to Earn Exciting Record!

six flags disney tallest roller coaster

One of Disney’s rivals has officially beaten out the Mouse House to design the world’s tallest and fastest theme park ride. There’s nothing quite like going to a Disney park to enjoy that quintessential Disney experience. If the Walt Disney Company has done one thing well, it’s differentiating itself from the crowd enough that the Disney Parks are notably unique ...

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Recent Closures Restrict Guests from Meeting Disney Princesses

disneyland paris princess meet

One of the best global Disney Parks has recently announced new restrictions that will restrict the opportunities for meeting princesses. One of the best parts of a Disney vacation, be it at the domestic Disney Parks like Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort or the global ones like Disneyland Paris or Tokyo Disney Resort, is being able to meet ...

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Bob Iger, Listen Up: Disney Parks are the Solution to This Big Problem

disney universe theme parks

Recently, an outlet asserted that the solution to the Mouse House’s “shared universe” problem lies with the Walt Disney Company’s theme parks. Disney’s problems have become so well-known and so widespread that many are jumping in to give their two cents about how the company should handle its business. Earlier this year, during one of the earnings calls, an analyst ...

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Peek Into the Crystal Ball: Disney’s Future Looks “Unpromising,” “Unsatisfying”

disney upcoming movies

Recently, critics argued that a close examination of the next two years of Disney movies shows its future looks bleak, “unpromising,” and “unsatisfying.” The Walt Disney Company has come under scrutiny for its strategy involving its entertainment division, particularly its movie releases. For a few years now, many fans have been notably frustrated with the company for its lack of ...

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