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Priyanka is a writer, artist, avid reader, and travel enthusiast based in Chicago. In her free time, she is probably walking by the lake, catching up on the latest releases on TV, or spending inordinate amounts of time rewatching Moana, Encanto, and her Disney Channel life-long favorites Zack and Cody wreak havoc on the Tipton.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Change Is Now in Place, Frustrating Fans Beyond Words

pirates caribbean disneyland

Disney’s latest change to Pirates of the Caribbean at its Southern California resort has many fans up in arms in frustration at The Walt Disney Company. The Disney Parks are beloved by fans all over the world for the entertainment and unique Disney experience they provide to fans and guests who visit the parks. From dark rides like Haunted Mansion ...

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Disney World Announces Another Closure… Then Quietly Changes Its Mind

walt disney presents disney world

The Hollywood Studios Attraction, Walt Disney Presents, was initially reported to be closing its door to guests for a while, before Disney changed its mind; here’s the news. Disney Park attraction closures are part and parcel of the Disney experience. Any guest is well-versed with the concept of rides shutting shop (hopefully briefly, but in some unfortunate cases, this can ...

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Did Michael Jordan Reject a $120 Million Deal with Disney Due to Company’s “Wokeness”?

Michael Jordan in Space Jam

It’s another day for a fact check with Disney Fanatic. Over the years, we have investigated various claims and rumors that have been floating around the Disney community. Some of the many cases we’ve looked into include whether Disney was removing Cinderella Castle, whether Space Mountain was going to become a lights-on attraction, the possible closure of Disney’s Animal Kingdom ...

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Couple Spends Over $1,200 for ONE FULL DAY at Disney World

Mickey Mouse throwing money around

A couple shared their shocking anecdote of how and why they spent over $1200 for a short two-day trip to Disney. A woman recently shared that she and her husband chose to spend $1000 for one full day at the Walt Disney World Resort without their children, and the couple “spent 14 hours in the theme parks, rode over 10 ...

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Still Mourning Splash Mountain? Disney Reiterates Tiana’s Bayou Adventure’s Arrival

tiana's bayou adventure disney world

Disney has made a change to their online presence, bringing home the upcoming arrival of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. For a few months now, the upcoming arrival of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has been long debated and argued over—whether online or otherwise—by passionate fans. Many, all these months later, are still frustrated by the closing of Splash Mountain and its permanent retheme ...

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Disney Suffers “Poetic Justice” for Rejecting Film, Still Dominates Prestigious Awards

disney oscars 2024

Even though Disney is dominating at the Oscars this year, they have a few wake-up calls to pay attention to with the nominations. Disney’s 2024 is already proving to be interesting, with some ups and downs when it comes to recognition for their productions. Earlier this year, the company was completely left out of the “Best Feature” ballot for the ...

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Here are Four Attraction Closures You Need to Know About

universal orlando attraction closing

Universal Orlando Resort has confirmed that four of its popular attractions will be closed for some period of time in 2024. Here’s what you need to know. Any theme park fan is well aware that closures are a part and parcel of a park experience. Whether it’s temporary or permanent (even with Disney attractions like Splash Mountain), rides often have ...

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Say Goodbye to Disney-themed Planes!

disney planes discontinued

It’s the end of an era with Disney magic for one airline! WestJet has officially discontinued its Disney-themed airplanes. To be associated with Disney is to enjoy a certain quality of brand. For the longest time, the reputation of the Mouse House has been pristine and well-regarded. For this reason, collaborations with Disney have always been something that many aspire ...

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You Might Be a “Real- Life” Disney Princess (With a Twist)!

disney princess zodiac signs

A fan recently asserted that three specific zodiac signs were real-life Disney princesses: here are the three! Oftentimes, fans from all around the world are constantly looking for more ways to really bring home and celebrate their love for all things Disney. Sometimes, that’s through finding the perfect merchandise; other times, it’s through going to the Disney Parks and celebrating ...

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Producer of Beloved TV Show Reassures Fans Not To Worry About “Disneyisation”

doctor who disney

Fans have been concerned that a beloved television show would lose its character now that its streaming rights have been bought by the Walt Disney Company. Doctor Who is one of those classic British shows that has become a staple of British television. The show began in 1963 and ran until 1989. It was revived in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston ...

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