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Disney Might Have Lost the Rights to Its Own Music, Here’s Why Fans Think So

pirates of the caribbean music rights

On noting some changes in the soundtrack to the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean ride, some Disney fans think the company has lost the rights to the movies’ music. The Disney Resorts in Central Florida and Southern California are known to be some of the best places for a Disney vacation. Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort have myriad rides and attractions, with ...

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Disney Park Bakery Closes Doors Permanently

la brea bakery disneyland closed

A fan-favorite bakery at Southern California’s Disney Resort has officially shuttered, according to recent reports. One of the best parts of the Disney experience is the food. Most Disney Fanatics can agree on this. Every Guest has their chosen eatery or restaurant they would like to frequent and enjoy tasty treats and offerings from. Read More: LIST: Best Disney World ...

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Bring Home the Disney Parks With Disney’s Latest Offering

hey disney

Disney has a treat for fans, allowing them to bring some part of the Disney Parks experience home in the form of “Hey Disney.” There are many ways Guests can take home the Parks experience. The obvious ones, of course, include merchandise, photos, and irreplaceable memories. But along with this, one of the best experiences is to find little easter ...

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UPDATE: Disney Confirms Latest News About TRON Lightcycle Run

tron lightcycle run update

Latest Update: 12:33 pm ET- CONFIRMED: Disney World Reveals TRON Ride’s Opening Date Published: 1/9/23 – 1:33 pm ET Walt Disney World has confirmed an update to Guest procedure for  Magic Kingdom’s upcoming TRON Lightcycle Run attraction. The Walt Disney World Resort is known to be “The Most Magical Place on Earth” for many reasons, but one of the foremost ...

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Which Disney World Park Features the Most Underrated Attractions?

disney world underrated theme park

Each Walt Disney World Theme Park is known to be the perfect Disney vacation destination, but here is the one that features the most underrated attractions. The Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida is known for being “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” Whichever Theme Park you choose to go to—Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Guests flock ...

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Guests Agree Disney World Practice Is Must for Hygiene

disney world resorts hygiene

After many reports of Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort hotels having scorpions and mold, some fans agreed that one practice of Disney Resort-hotels was a must for maintaining the necessary hygiene standards. The Walt Disney World Resort is home to four Theme Parks—Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom—that have Guests flocking to the Disney Resorts ...

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LIST: Here Are Guests’ Most Recommended Disney World Restaurants

recommended disney world restaurants

Here are Walt Disney World Guests most recommended restaurants at the Central Florida Disney Resort. Many Walt Disney World Resort fans collectively shared the best Disney World restaurants from the Disney Resort that impressed them on Reddit recently; here are the five most mentioned and featured on that list! Whispering Canyon Cafe  Guests universally agreed that breakfast at Whispering Canyon ...

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LIST: Most Disappointing Disney World Restaurants Per Guests

disappointing disney world restaurants

Here is the collected list of the most disappointing Walt Disney World Resort restaurants per Guests, along with their reasoning for the choice! Based on a discussion started by Disney Guest and Reddit user u/diiizzzzoooo, with the question, “What restaurant disappointed you the most, not necessarily because the food or service was bad, but because you enjoyed it much less ...

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Almost EVERY Ride at A Disney Park Closed, Guests Disappointed

disney california adventure rides closed

Disappointed Guests reported recently that not only was almost every ride at a Disney Park closed yesterday, but only four were open. We bring you strange tidings from the Disney Parks this week with some unexplainable occurrences regarding the closures of rides and attractions. Earlier this week, we reported on a Walt Disney World ride that closed suddenly (and with ...

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Report Predicts Disney Will Venture Into the Metaverse

walt disney company metaverse

As the Walt Disney Company turns 100 this year, a new report predicts its success will hinge on its play within the metaverse. The Walt Disney Company has had a rough few years. With the pandemic causing the world, and Disney Parks to shut their doors and consequently reopen to a host of issues, it hasn’t been the smoothest of ...

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