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Priyanka is a writer, artist, avid reader, and travel enthusiast based in Chicago. In her free time, she is probably walking by the lake, catching up on the latest releases on TV, or spending inordinate amounts of time rewatching Moana, Encanto, and her Disney Channel life-long favorites Zack and Cody wreak havoc on the Tipton.

Experts Predict Bob Iger Isn’t Leaving Disney Anytime Soon (And Here’s Who Will Replace Him When He Does)

bob iger dana walden 2024

Experts prepared their usual predictions for the business world in 2024, and they had some interesting insights about Disney and its long-standing CEO. For years now, Bob Iger has been a name that many relate very strongly to the Walt Disney Company. He has been at the helm of one of the most influential entertainment conglomerates in the world for ...

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Disney Claims “No Responsibility” in Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Case

disney harvey weinstein sexual assault

Warning: Disney Fanatic is a family-friendly site. However, this topic is extremely sensitive and should be read with caution. In defending itself when it comes to the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault case, Disney has claimed “no responsibility” in an argument to dismiss plaintiff Julia Ormond’s claims. The Harvey Weinstein sexual assault case swept Hollywood and uprooted one of the worst offenders ...

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“Disney Will Outlast DeSantis”: Disney World Scholar Shares Insight into Current Dilemma

disney world reedy creek desantis

Richard Foglesong, a renowned Disney World scholar, recently shared further insight into the current happenings in the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (formerly known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District). While the more dramatic aspects of the Disney-DeSantis battle have certainly calmed down, the question still remains about how the issue will be resolved and, more importantly, what the future ...

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$10,000 Disney Vacation Threatened After Family Accidentally Makes a Wrong Purchase

disney plus gift card mistake

News of a family’s Disney vacation went viral on TikTok after it was revealed that the entire trip had almost come under jeopardy due to incorrectly purchased gift cards. A Disney vacation is undoubtedly memorable, albeit expensive. The immersive experience of going to a Disney Resort is like none other. With the myriad attractions and rides on offer for guests ...

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Expert Studies Indicate Bob Iger Could Be “Addicted” to Disney

bob iger addicted disney

A Yale professor recently shared his findings about why some CEOs find it so hard to step away from their positions, and it turns out Bob Iger might be “addicted” to being Disney’s CEO. Bob Iger has been making headlines for months now. Over a year ago, it was for returning as Disney’s CEO after ostensibly retiring. At the beginning ...

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Rumors Fly That Disney Officially Bought the Tampa Bay Rays for $1.5 Billion: Here’s the Truth

Disney buys Rays

An article claiming that Disney officially bought the Tampa Bay Rays has many believing the company has made an entry into sports. The question remains, did Disney really diversify its interests so much it owns a sports team now? Over the years, many rumors have made their way across the internet when it comes to the Walt Disney Company and ...

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