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Priyanka is a writer, artist, avid reader, and travel enthusiast based in Chicago. In her free time, she is probably walking by the lake, catching up on the latest releases on TV, or spending inordinate amounts of time rewatching Moana, Encanto, and her Disney Channel life-long favorites Zack and Cody wreak havoc on the Tipton.

Frustrated Audiences Believe Even Artificial Intelligence Has “More Soul” Than Disney

disney AI animation

Audiences are so fed up with the quality of a lot of Disney’s productions that some believe that AI can do a better job than the Mouse House. The Walt Disney Company has been facing a lot of criticism lately for the quality of its productions and films. The company has been criticized for the lackluster storytelling and “woke” narratives ...

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Guest Reports “Rough Start” to Disney World Trip, Left “Shaking and Crying” After Being Yelled At

Magic Kingdom

A guest shared an awful encounter with fellow Disney guests after they were yelled at by a family at the beginning of their trip. The Walt Disney World Resort is more commonly known by its moniker, “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” for good reason. The Central Florida Disney Resort is known to have some of the best rides and ...

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U.S. Department of Justice Has Concerns Disney’s New Venture Could “Harm” Consumers

disney sports streaming department of justice

Disney might be all revved up for its latest streaming venture, but the company’s upcoming project with Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery will first be put under the microscope by the U.S. Department of Justice. The Walt Disney Company is no stranger to major (and particular) scrutiny. Considering that they’ve been involved in some big-name projects over the years, the ...

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Disney to Change Ticketing System

disney ticket system patent

Disney is working to apply for a patent using blockchain to protect its guests from fraudulent ticket sales. Going to both the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are known to be some of the best experiences for any devoted Disney fan. However, the Disney experience can be quite expensive, and many fans are constantly looking for ways ...

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4.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits, Disney Guests Among Those Affected

earthquake disneyland

Friday morning saw a notable earthquake hit the West Coast of the United States, and Disneyland guests were among those who felt the impact. California is known to be a state that is prone to earthquakes because of its precarious position and relationship to the San Andreas Fault System. For the second time this week, Friday afternoon saw locals in ...

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“Disney Runs the News Media and Government”: Some Think Disney Will Buy Anaheim’s Angel Stadium

disney angel stadium

It seems some Americans are distrustful of Disney’s intentions when it comes to purchasing Anaheim’s Angel Stadium. Some fans are not only skeptical of the Walt Disney Company when it comes to their inclusivity efforts but are also suspicious of the Mouse House’s intentions of buying an iconic Anaheim stadium in Southern California. Related: Court Blocks Florida’s Newest Law, Now ...

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No, the Super Bowl Was NOT the Most-Watched Non-News Telecast of All Time

Patrick Mahomes Magic Kingdom

Taylor Swift’s presence notwithstanding, the Super Bowl this past Sunday was not, in fact, the most-watched non-news telecast of all time. The Super Bowl LVIII that just happened this last weekend, wherein the Kansas City Chiefs played, and won, against the San Francisco 49ers, was one of the most watched sports broadcasts of all time. And understandably so. The Super ...

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