Minnie Mouse Wants Mickey to Commit Already!

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The burden of shouldering a century-long dating period has finally caused Minnie Mouse to snap. In a recent encounter at a Disney dining experience, the beloved character went on an epic interpretive rage over Mickey Mouse’s failure to commit. This social media video showing Minnie Mouse being frustrated is hilarious!

Nine Decades of Dating

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are often depicted as a loving couple and have a strong romantic relationship. Their interactions usually showcase their deep affection for each other. They frequently appear together in various animated shorts, movies, and merchandise, often going on adventures and facing challenges as a team. This is also well represented in the Disney Parks and Resorts.

Illustration of mickey mouse and minnie mouse in a car, admiring giant topiary sculptures of minnie and mickey with an archer pose, set in a colorful autumnal park.

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As for how long they have been “dating,” their relationship is classic and timeless in animation. The two have been together since their debut appearance in the animated Steamboat Willie short in 1928.

In terms of their fictional history, they have been a couple for over nine decades. While their relationship is widely recognized in popular culture, Disney has never officially allowed the couple to tie the knot. It’s no wonder that Minnie Mouse has finally reached a breaking point.

Minnie Mouse Frustrated at Mickey’s Lack of Commitment

Minnie expressed extreme mental anguish during a recent character dining experience at the Storytellers Cafe in Disneyland’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa in California. The poor character saw a couple’s engagement rings and began to rant about Mickey Mouse.

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Minnie became visibly defeated after encountering the pair, collapsing into their booth. She then began to rage over at her beloved counterpart, slamming her fists on the table. The couple encouraged her demands for Mickey to stop delaying and finally pop the question after all these years.

The encounter got even funnier as it progressed. Minnie stood up, showing she still didn’t have a ring after 100 years. She even mimed her feelings of being an old lady. After slamming her fists on the table one more time to emphasize her desires, she blew a kiss to the happy couple and left.

Minnie Mouse’s TikTok Rage

TikTok user @alyssadisneytravel uploaded the footage to social media. Fans have gotten a laugh over it, generating over 20,000 likes and a humorous discussion. Many hope there will be a part two where the duo confronts Mickey over their experience with his partner.


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After an entire century, it may be time for Mickey Mouse to pop the question. However, Disney has never even hinted at it ever happening. Poor Minnie Mouse may have to endure another 100 years before her mouse finally gives her that engagement ring.

Do you think Mickey should finally ‘mouse-up’ and pop the question? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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