“Stuck in Figment’s Busted Fart Tunnel” – Disney Ride’s Unfortunate Stop

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Guests experienced a Figment ride stop in the most unlucky of places…

Think about it. What is the most unfortunate location at Walt Disney World where you could imagine an attraction breaking down? Many would say stopping before a drop or upside down on a roller coaster would be the worst. However, a dire situation could actually occur.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment has graced EPCOT with its presence for ages. Disney seemingly has no plans to replace it. In fact, they double down on it. Fans either love the attraction or hate it with a passion. Several moments during the experience cater to simple humor that many can appreciate.

One lucky group of guests recently got to bask in the glorious scent of the ultimate Figment ride stop.

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The Endearing Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Journey Into Imagination With Figment at Disney World whisks riders on a questionable adventure, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

This treasured attraction introduces Figment, an endearing yet mischievous purple dragon, leading visitors through a vibrant world of colors, melodies, and delightful surprises.

Often joked about as a drug-induced hallucinatory experience, the ride sends you through several ridiculous locations with Figment as you navigate a surreal set of situations.

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A Smelly Figment Ride Stop

TikToker Disney Dan is one of the more hilarious social media presences involving Disney. Recently, he made a stink about “getting stuck in Figment’s busted fart tunnel” while on Journey Into Imagination With Figment at EPCOT. He explained in his video that the ride is truly cursed. It broke down three times in one run.

The funny part is the ride stops right before the “sense of smell” location in his footage. Here, guests view the shadowy appearance of Figment as a skunk inside a tube. They are also greeted with an unpleasant odor while the dragon sings about the smells.

“Someone unplug it and plug it back in,” Disney Dan chuckles. “Just keep blasting us with burnt coffee!” Another rider agrees with him, laughing about the breakdown occurring in such an unfortunate location.


This ride is truly cursed. It broke 3 times while we were on it. And Disney is actively rolling out a new meetable character for this attraction later this year. #epcot #disney #figment @Disney Parks #animatronic #broken #breakdown

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Disney World recently introduced Figment as a limited-time character guests could meet and interact with. While some guests question the appeal of the purple dragon and his ride, the theme park seems determined to keep Figment as a major part of EPCOT for as long as possible.

However, here’s hoping this extra time with “Figment’s Busted Fart Tunnel” doesn’t become an attraction feature!

Have you ever gotten stuck in Figment’s “busted fart tunnel”? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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