Parents Ignore Child’s Accident to Ride Space Mountain

Disneyland Space Mountain accident
Credit: Disney

Disney theme parks are a place to go to relax and enjoy yourself.

However, certain realities come with the magic when people from all walks of life are streaming into the same place. An incident involving Space Mountain at Disneyland Resort in California spoiled one visitor’s ride experience. This Disneyland Space Mountain accident is just about one of the most obscene cases of negligent behavior we have ever heard of.

guest jumps disneyland space mountain

Credit: Disney

The Joys of Space Mountain

Space Mountain, the iconic Disneyland attraction that first opened in 1977, has long been revered as a timeless experience. Making up the heart of Tomorrowland, this roller coaster promises an interstellar journey, enveloping riders in a shroud of darkness as they hurtle through the abyss of space. With its timeless allure, it has captured the imaginations of millions, evolving over the years to incorporate entirely new technology while retaining its same appeal.

What makes Space Mountain so popular? Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of a longstanding ride or the thrill of launching into the unknown as you board your rocket. The immersive experience is enhanced by a soundtrack of old-school futuristic tunes, which resonates through the cosmos as you careen through space. Each twist and turn adds to the adrenaline rush, making it a must-see attraction for visitors.

Space Mountain refurbishment

Credit: Disney

Disneyland Space Mountain Accident

However, in space, no one can hear you scream…or pee. A guest at Disneyland shared an extreme case of carelessness when participating in a thread discussing the “grossest thing they ever saw at Disneyland.” Amidst the excitement of Space Mountain, a young child had an unfortunate accident. It wasn’t an unnoticeable accident, either. Urine was on the floor, and the child had noticeably wet pants.

What truly astonished onlookers, though, was the parents’ reaction. Despite the embarrassing mishap, they allowed their child to board Space Mountain with urine-soaked clothing. Mortified riders, including the eyewitness, were filled with disgust and disbelief.

Kid pissed his pants. Pee all over the floor, wet pants the works. Parents still allow the kid to ride space mountain. Piss pants and all everyone around us including ourselves were mortified

byu/doowapeedoo from discussion

We don’t think we need to clarify just how disgusting and unsanitary is. In lieu of this account, always remember to quickly glance at your surroundings before boarding a ride. You don’t want to find out the hard way that some people are just reckless.

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