10 Delightful Experiences You Might Be Missing at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Main Street USA

Walt Disney World is such a wonderful vacation destination for so many reasons. With every trip you will find new and exciting experiences that you didn’t know about before. Here are my 10 delightful experiences you might be missing in the Magic Kingdom.

10. The Magic Kingdom Welcome Show

The Magic Kingdom Welcome Show is performed at the Main Street Train Station each morning before the park opens. It’s a great way to start your day at the Magic Kingdom. Mickey and the gang, along with the Main Street citizens, come out on the train and welcome all the guests to the Magic Kingdom with a short but sweet performance. You might even be selected to come up to the station as a special guest to officially open the park!

9. Get a haircut at the Main Street Harmony Barbershop

One really cool thing to do at the Magic Kingdom is getting a haircut. It may sound kind of weird but how unique of an experience would it be to get a trim at the old fashioned barber shop just next to The Emporium. You might get an extra treat by being entertained by The Dapper Dans while getting your cut. Prices vary and reservations are recommended.

8. Look and Listen from above

As your making you way down Main Street USA its always a good idea to take your time look around and especially look and even listen. If you go down one of the alleys I believe to the right as you walk toward Cinderella’s Castle you’ll see an add for dance and singing lessons. Listen closely and you will hear some tapping. Also pay attention to all the names on the windows up and down Main Street. They are each significant to Disney history in some aspect or another. I always enjoy taking pictures and then looking them up when I get home. You never know who’s name might be up there and what that person meant to the Walt Disney Company.

7. So many nooks and crannies

The Magic Kingdom in WDW is so wonderfully laid out that it creates many areas that I consider “nooks” and “crannies”. These are places somewhat off the main paths that are slightly hidden and are usually great spots to do some great people watching.

6. People watching

People watching at the Magic Kingdom is a very fun way to spend some down time. It so interesting to see all the different types of people that come through the Kingdom on any given day. I love to find me a little nook or crannie and just observe.

5. Flag retreat

The flag retreat on Main Street USA is a wonderful ceremony performed daily around 5pm in the center of the town square area. Usually a military veteran is selected to receive the flag after being lowered and folded by Disney cast members. Watching this short ceremony is a great way to show a little patriotism while on your Disney vacation.

4. Riding the Peoplemover at night

The Peoplemover is one of the most relaxing attractions at WDW. It is especially relaxing and beautiful at night. You truly get some amazing views from some different angles while on your “grand circle tour of Tomorrowland”!

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3. Hidden Mickeys

There are so many hidden Mickeys all throughout the Magic Kingdom you could easily make a day out of just searching for them. It always exciting to find an unconventional one that might be unnoticed by the most other guests.

2. Riding Splash Mountain back to back

If you happen to be near Splash Mountain just before closing definitely go. You might be lucky and get a cast member that lets you ride back to back. It so awesome to finish this amazing attraction and then just stay in your log for another trip around and eventually down the briar patch and into your laughing place!

1. Close down the park

The Magic Kingdom can get extremely busy at times. Staying up late enough to close down the park is such a great experience that I highly recommend doing it at least once. To be one of the last guest to stroll down Main Street in the late night is so amazing and surreal. It can be a a superb way to end your vacation to the most Magical Place on Earth.

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