10 Disney World Experiences We Wish Were Available At Disneyland Resort

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Disney World versus Disneyland—which is better? This is an age-old debate that west coast and east coast residents will likely never come to an agreement on.

Fortunately, we happen to get the best of both worlds, and we can honestly say that neither one is better than the other. In fact, both resorts are equally wonderful and we never fail to have an absolute blast at both the west coast and east coast parks.  That said, Disneyland is undoubtedly smaller, and while this is an advantage in some ways—park hopping, anyone?—it’s also a disadvantage when it comes to squeezing in fun. This means there are a few experiences you can get at Walt Disney World Resort that simply are not available in Disneyland Resort.

Here are the top 10 experiences we wish we could have in Disneyland.


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